• When:09/13/14
  • QIC: Tiger Rag and Bananas
  • The PAX: 16 dirty dogs



40-50 SSH and Sealjacks
25 IW’s
15 Merkins in cadence



Split into 2 groups.

Each team has 1 man complete barbell curls with 65 lbs to failure while the split pax do cleans until and after their turn.

Round 2 each man holds 35 lb plate straight out from body to failure while pax do one armed kb press.

Can’t remember last exercise of TR’s reign.

To the track with Bananas.

Run 1 lap

10 swings 10 goblet squats
10 swings 9 goblet squats

Run 1 lap

2 thrusters each arm
1 Thruster = racked bell, squat low, back up military press
4 each side
6 each side
8 each side
10 each side
8 each side
6 each side
4 each side
2 each side

Run 1 lap

To lot, circle up

10 overhead extensions laying down
30 chest press
10 extensions
50 2 handed swings

Great work fellas. Thanks to TR for splitting the workout with me and bringing pain. a51 is getting stronger…let’s keep it going.

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9 years ago

Had a great time this morning, guys. Thanks for the support during my first Varsity workout. First post there and I can already tell it’s a great group. Great Q TR, Bananas. Kept me right on the edge of failure all day. Loved it. Tomorrow, I eat a bottle of Aleve in my bowl of Cheerios.

And thanks again to Gullah and The Hoff for coming out to Ascent last week and introducing me to The Gear. Nice EH work there, gents. See you next Saturday.

The Hoff
9 years ago

TR and Bananas brought the PAIN! It was a Hoff-Breaker for sure as it smoked me bad! Been doing so much gear the hour on the KB was horribly awesome. Loved the Chatter and the group of men out there today. We all brought it! 16 of us could have been doing the normal burpee/run/merkin/run/squat ladder that we all know so well, but our guys are interested in something more #totalbeatdown!
Come out next week for the Return of Hoff’s Gear Domination…again, horribly awesome for sure.
T-Claps to White Snake and Drop Thrill (DT) as they were FNG’s to Olympus and KILLED IT! Outstanding effort and hope to see you guys more in the future.

Big League Chew
9 years ago

That was quite the beat down. Total smokefest and Bananas had me seeing stars after TR got a hold of me. A lot of modifying going on for me. The Hoff was a machine as usual and it was good to meet Whitesnake (best name in f3) and have Drop Thrill come out. I didn’t hear Wolfman complaining about no cardio either so his form must be improving. Olympus is the best kept secret in the south!

Drop Thrill
9 years ago

Thanks gents for the kind words.

Overload was certainly a proper name for this workout. Back and legs are certainly talking back this a.m.

Glad I can do so much with a 35 pounder. Thanks Stone Cold for the loaner bell. Hoping Santa brings me a ruck and a 35 lb. bell of my own.

Whitesnake good to see another Peak 51 brother out in the gloom.

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