Tour de Bagpipe (Mud Run Training)

  • When:09/09/14
  • QIC: Madame Tussauds
  • The PAX: Outback, Abacas, Mermaid, Cain, Champagne, Brisket, Soft Pretzel, Madame Tussauds

Tour de Bagpipe (Mud Run Training)

Mud Belly Flop

8 PAX embarked on a journey in the Tour de Bagpipe to strengthen their bodies and minds to prepare for the next Mud Run in Columbia, SC on October 4th. The men got more than they bargained for and were amazed at the amount of recon that went into discovering this new route. Here are a few quotes from the PAX during our work: “Madame, we are walking a thin line between good and dangerous” (Soft Prezel) and “ew, I think I just put my hand in dog poop” (Mermaid). We ended up covering 4.7 miles in the hour, which hopefully will make Bratwurst proud he handed over the reins of Swift to YHC.

Here’s what we did:

The Thang:

The PAX launched at 0515 from the Vine Restaurant at the Ballantyne AO and headed down Ballantyne commons parkway, took a left onto Ballantyne Corporate Pl and crossed back over the Johnston Road bridge. Pain stations along the way included Lunges and a snake hill run.

We turned off Ballantyne Corporate Pl and followed the sidewalk to Pond #1. The PAX slalomed around small trees for a little agility work and gathered on the Dock for SSH X 15, Merkins X 15, lap around Pond #1, Squats X 15 and LBCs X 15.

We then followed the trail through the woods, bear crawled up and over the bridge to Pond #2. We climbed up and over the stone wall and circled Pond #2 and headed to Boggy Hill. The PAX snake ran up and down Boggy Hill and stopped for moving plank work. All PAX lined up in the plank position with head facing downhill and performed moving downhill wide merkins X 10 to the left, repeat moving to the right.

Next we headed to the 5.5 foot stone wall and climbed up and down X 10, then moved over to the grass field next to Pond #3 for bear crawls across the field and crabwalks back. We then ran around Pond #3 (insert good and dangerous quote here) and gathered up at the picnic area for LBCs X 10 and ran another lap around Pond #3.

We then headed over to Pond #4 and started off with backwards run up the hill (crowd pleaser) and mosey down, 10 Merkins at the bottom, and ran a lap around the Pond #4, plank until everyone is finished.

We then headed back over the bridge crossing Pond #4 and up Ballantyne Corporate Pl towards the fitness trail, but stopped for merkins X 10 (insert dog poop quote here) along the way. Once we arrived at the fitness trail, each PAX did arm walks across the parallel bars X 5 and meets at the pull-up bars for the following circuit X 2: Pull-ups X 10, Merkins X 20, squats X 30. Once completed, each man did one more set of arm walks across the parallel bars, ran around Pond #5 and moseyed back for the COT.


My 4 year old son (F3 Name – Dash) and I did quite a bit of recon work over the weekend in an effort to discover new routes and obstacles in Ballantyne Corporate Park. What we found were unchartered running trials, new ponds to circle, and new hills and walls to climb. The new area provided a great opportunity to get some training in for the Mud Run, which is only a few weeks away.

YHC thoroughly enjoyed the post this morning. The goal was to get a few more miles in than a typical bootcamp at a 2nd F pace, but still endure the pain of merkins, SSHs, bear crawls, hill runs and a few other obstacles.

Great work by all the PAX this morning. It was a pleasure leading the men in the Gloom.


Convergence at The Rock on Thursday 9/11


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9 years ago

Great Q this am Madame – and we did cover some new ground in Ballantyne. Great recon work for you and the 2.0. I can see this style of workout making a return before the Mud Run – it provides great prep. Not sure I would call it post BRR friendly but glad I made it. I’m actually starting to feel my legs again from this weekend.

9 years ago

Sounds like a good one today. Madame keep me posted on other pre-mud run training; need to get some in.

9 years ago

Definitely need to rerun this one over the next few weeks, prior to the Mud Run. It was good to cover that terrain over 60 minutes with the pain stations worked in. Let’s definitely plan on another Tuesday edition even. And kudos to Champagne for posting this a.m. after running 9 man team in the BRR this past weekend.

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