Islands in the Stream

  • When:09/09/2014
  • QIC: Gummy
  • The PAX: Hairball, Starfish, Slimfast, Spackler, Purple Haze, Good Hands, Geraldo, Turkey Leg, Prohibition, Hopper, Gummy (QIC)

Islands in the Stream

11 men heard the call for a BRR recovery workout and assembled at SCMS to stretch things out.

Slow mosey down to check out the new track. New pavement. No fancy private school padded track. Just fresh public school pavement. One lap around, dodging the RFYL crew going the wrong way, then back up to the parking lot for a warmup.

I can’t believe I forgot to do IWs
Mountain Climber x 20
Slow Squat x 20

Easy jog down to the Davie park entrance. 10 merkins, 10 LBC, repeat 5x.

Continue easy jog to the Calvary parking lot. Walk up the gentle incline entrance.

Assemble at one end of the parking lot. At each island, do 5x of the called exercise all the way down to the last island. Then briskly jog back to start. Start moves up one island every time.
Merkins, LBCs, CDDs, Squats, Flutter, Dolly, Merkins.

Amble over to the soccer field, gingerly walking down the hill on a diagonal so as not to fully engage the quads.

Two groups, one on each side of the trash cans. Group 1 sprint to first trash can and back. Group 2 does the same when group 1 finishes. Repeat 4 times. Then 3 times to the next trash can. And once to the soccer goal. Cut short to allow time for a slow mosey indian run back to the school.


I was definitely not going to work out today. Then on Monday afternoon I get an email from Turkey Leg, “Still up for Q of Fast Twitch tomorrow?” Ouch. Sure. At least I can control the pain. Thanks to my BRR brethren for coming out to share in the recovery pain. Lots of war stories. 1/3 of the Flatnin’ The Hills team was out there – nice work gentleman.

Area 51 9/11 Convergence at Calvary Church on Thursday at 5:15 (AO for The Rock and Anvil). Normal 45 min workout
Turkey Leg expressed appreciation for the support he and his family have been getting from the PAX. He said his dad loved the idea that we were all wearing armbands with his wife’s (TL’s mom) initials at the BRR – like the NFL helmet stickers, he said. Very cool.

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9 years ago

I, too, was not planning or wanting to workout this morning. It definitely took quite a while to get warmed up, but I’m feeling a whole lot better now than I did yesterday. Good work Gummy on taking it easy on us, but pushing it just enough to feel it.

Oh yeah, what happened to the “slow” mosey Indian run back to scms? That pace was far from slow! Ouch. I thought Spackler was going to take out somebody’s legs to bring down the pace.

Reply to  Prohibition
9 years ago

Yep, there goes the vulgar Spack again. I thought I had securely put him away following the BRR but nope. Glad the lactaid, lactose and lactic acid got moved around a bit today.

9 years ago

Transition from merkin to LBC = some mean break dancing on 51 outside Davie park. #BYOCardboard

Gummy- from bringing home the glory in Asheville straight to Qing FT, I’m impressed. The initial venture to the track created some worry. Ease settled in after the one lap warmup. It’s a good thing too…didn’t see any portapots on campus at SCMS.

The suicides hurt. So did the Indian “mosey”. It all hurt. Nice work and way to bring it.

Slim Fast
9 years ago

Great Q, Gummy! Just the right level of pain in moderation! SF

9 years ago

FYI,I heard Turkey Leg say we tallied 4.9 miles today. While we backed off typical FT pace, we did still cover some respectable mileage. T-claps to whoever saw those piranha cousined ants we almost laid down in for LBCs. I think it was either Prohibition or Purple Haze. That would have sucked.

Gummy, great recovery Q, man! I know we held you to a lot of specific exercise exclusions (no burpees, no hills, etc). You managed to honor it all, but brought a strong workout.

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