Preblast: Devil’s Turn – Long Haul Hills – Joe Davis Prep

  • When:12/18/2014
  • QIC: Long Haul

Preblast: Devil’s Turn – Long Haul Hills – Joe Davis Prep

YHC is in the frozen tundra of Canada this week so Long Haul is taking the driver’s seat of this bullet train they call Devil’s Turn.  Prepare…

The PAX will be launching at 0515 on Thursday from the traditional 4 Mile Creek Greenway parking area on Bevington & Rea Rd.  The course is the standard Piper Glen hill course with the following twist:

Incorporate a 20-40min Threshold run – Threshold pace is defined as “Comfortably Hard”.  Find yours here at the Pace Calculator at (instructions for the calculator at

The Piper Glen Hill Route can be found in the original post here:

Suggestion – warm-up 2+ miles (apartment loop + 1.25 miles).  Do some strides if needed.  Begin Threshold Pace run and hold it for 20 minutes or hold it longer to get back to COT at 0610.  If more distance is needed, head out and back on Bevington Place.

Alternative – do 3 to 4×1 mile at Threshold pace with 1 min rest in between.

The Overall Objective – We are in the middle of a 6 week 5K/10K training schedule that targets the Joe Davis Run.  The only difference between our 5K and 10K training will be the number of sets / repeats recommended.  All training is done at your personal pace that should be based on any recent race entered into the Pace Calculator at (instructions for the calculator at

You will find the complete Training Plans at the link and Bratwurst can explain them more tomorrow morning during 2nd F warmup/cooldown/COT.  On the tab “5K (Daniels reduced)” there is a plan that you can use if you are a Beginner to Intermediate runner and just targeting the 5K.  If you are an Intermediate to Advanced runner targeting the 10K or 5K, follow the schedule on tab “5K to 15K (Daniels)” that will take you through Joe Davis run and on to the Spring Mud Run. Save the spreadsheet, download it, whatever, use it as your own.

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