Oh Burpee, Where Art Thou?

  • When:8/28/14
  • QIC: Donkey Kong
  • The PAX: Iron Horse, A-Bomb, Harley, Tackling Dummy, Cottonmouth, Floor-Slapper, Huggie Bear, Bushwood, Donkey Kong

Oh Burpee, Where Art Thou?

9 men met in the refreshingly cool gloom to work up a sweat and thrash their muscles.

The Thang –

Run to back field:

SSH x 25

Imperial Walkers x 25

30 Merkins on-your-own

Squats x 25

Burpees x 200 (Alternating sets of 20 LBC’s and Flutters while waiting for PAX)

Flutter Kicks x 30

50 LBC’s on-your-own

Dollys x 25 (30?)

Mountain Climbers x 15

Jack Webbs (1 push-up / 4 arm-raises)- Ladder up to 6 x 24

Jog to 1/8th mile track:

Lung-Walk – 1/2 lap

Bear-Crawl x 20 yards

Crab-Crawl x 20 yards

Jump Squats x 10

Jog remaining 1/4 lap

30 Merkins on-your-own.

Circle up in parking lot for 10 Burpees on-your-own.


No announcements today, and not a lot of chatter was heard, save for some grumbling about the 200 burpees. Thank you for playing, tune in next time.

– DK

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9 years ago

Only kong. And the next exercise is 200 burpees. Real crowd pleaser.

Next up is high Tide!

This Blue Ridge Relay is next weekend 9/5-6 so the workouts will all settle back down with many of the pax who have been chasing miles these past several weeks, returning to their boot camp workouts.

Cheese Curd
9 years ago

The run sucked through Piper Glen, but 200 burpees…glad I ran!

Reply to  Cheese Curd
9 years ago

Aye Curd, with our moon boots and all, will happily take hills over 200 flying squirrels any day.

9 years ago

I stayed in the same place in the field for 35 minutes…

High Tide
9 years ago

No burpees were recorded today at F3Meathead. Just sayin’.

Next week at Hydra? Who knows…but I bet it will be something less than 200!

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