Oh Burpee, Where Art Thou?

  • When:8/28/14
  • QIC: Donkey Kong
  • The PAX: Iron Horse, A-Bomb, Harley, Tackling Dummy, Cottonmouth, Floor-Slapper, Huggie Bear, Bushwood, Donkey Kong

Oh Burpee, Where Art Thou?

9 men met in the refreshingly cool gloom to work up a sweat and thrash their muscles.

The Thang –

Run to back field:

SSH x 25

Imperial Walkers x 25

30 Merkins on-your-own

Squats x 25

Burpees x 200 (Alternating sets of 20 LBC’s and Flutters while waiting for PAX)

Flutter Kicks x 30

50 LBC’s on-your-own

Dollys x 25 (30?)

Mountain Climbers x 15

Jack Webbs (1 push-up / 4 arm-raises)- Ladder up to 6 x 24

Jog to 1/8th mile track:

Lung-Walk – 1/2 lap

Bear-Crawl x 20 yards

Crab-Crawl x 20 yards

Jump Squats x 10

Jog remaining 1/4 lap

30 Merkins on-your-own.

Circle up in parking lot for 10 Burpees on-your-own.


No announcements today, and not a lot of chatter was heard, save for some grumbling about the 200 burpees. Thank you for playing, tune in next time.

– DK

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7 years ago

Only kong. And the next exercise is 200 burpees. Real crowd pleaser.

Next up is high Tide!

This Blue Ridge Relay is next weekend 9/5-6 so the workouts will all settle back down with many of the pax who have been chasing miles these past several weeks, returning to their boot camp workouts.

Cheese Curd
Cheese Curd
7 years ago

The run sucked through Piper Glen, but 200 burpees…glad I ran!

Reply to  Cheese Curd
7 years ago

Aye Curd, with our moon boots and all, will happily take hills over 200 flying squirrels any day.

7 years ago

I stayed in the same place in the field for 35 minutes…

High Tide
7 years ago

No burpees were recorded today at F3Meathead. Just sayin’.

Next week at Hydra? Who knows…but I bet it will be something less than 200!

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