Mud Run Style Training Course Awesomeness at Olympus

Mud Run Style Training Course Awesomeness at Olympus


The Mud Run is just 6 weeks out.  Let’s get a preview of how ready you are or how ready you ain’t.  Tomorrow 8/23 – Olympus goes Mud Run style training.  Get your popcorn ready.

Normally I am not one for a pre-blast because I like the element of surprise.  But this one is necessary so you can mentally prepare for the level awesomeness about to go down.

Some FAQ’s to help eliminate your fart sacking, soft commits, and posting at other locations:

  • Alf, will this workout be friggin’ amazeballs:   Yes, Yes it will.  And amazeballs is a legit word
  • Alf, will this just be another kettle bell workout?  It’s a gear workout and we incorporate KB’s, so bring your KB but we will only use it a bit.  Maybe.
  • Alf, you’ve been BRR training, will this just be all running?  We will run, but a few miles tops, and spread out over the hour.
  • Alf, are we going merkin crazy for the #10KMerkin challenge?  No, but we’ll do a few.
  • Alf, I’ve never been to Olympus, don’t they just carry logs and watch The Hoff lift huge things like he’s Magnús Ver Magnusson?  No, there will be cardio, strength, running, agility, etc. so come out and give it a try.  Your cars should be safe tomorrow.  I think.


  • Alf, this sounds friggin awesome, but I am already set to Q Outland/Area 51/Day Zero/Ascent/The Rock/Stonehenge?  Do yourselves and your PAX a favor and tweet out you will be converging at Olympus.  Nothing you do will be this awesome.  110% money back guarantee.  (Except for Stonehenge, you guys can shut it down 10 minutes early and roll to Elizabeth Ln for a double down, which would be extra awesome)
  • Alf, will I get mud run style dirty at this workout?  A little dirty, but nothing will require you to be hosed off before getting into the car.
  • Alf, are you a professional?  At leading a workout – no.  At being Awesome – yes.
  • Alf, will Runstopper show up and take his shirt off?  Not sure, but the ladies living on Elizabeth Ln are hoping so?
  • Alf, will I need Bugeater style nipple protection?  I’ll let you manage your own personal health and safety.  Whatever works for you.
  • Alf, will Tiger Rag provide an appropriately themed YouTube video along with this pre-blast?  Surely that is a likely outcome
  • Alf, Is it 2.0 friendly?  2.0’s will have a blast, but wouldn’t recommend it for a 2.0 FNG unless they are natural beasts.
  • Alf, I am fat/lazy/tired/looking forward to something easier/habitual refusinik, will I be able to do this?  Yes – it will be a no drop format.
  • Alf, Do you think you are overselling this a bit?  Absolutely not.  It will be Ri-donk-u-lous

I might add more FAQ’s as I think of them today.  Check back often.

You need to come to this, and to quote Kim Kardashian’s perpetually puss faced baby daddy:

“Cause my life is dope, and I do dope sh*t,”


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9 years ago

Alf, your marketing skills are amazeballs. I’m a HC for Olympus tomorrow morning.

Fireman Ed
9 years ago

That might be one of the very best pre blast ever but I won’t be there.

Stump Hugger
9 years ago

I have to work. Hate to miss this! Maybe TR can find a YouTube video to sum up just how awesome you are…

Drop Thrill
9 years ago

Thanks for downing my Virgin Q at Outland. 😉

Actually I wish I’d know about this, this sounds amazing.

And NO, I’m not ditching my Q. 😛

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