• When:07/29/14
  • QIC: Busch
  • The PAX: Chanel, High Tide, Frostbite, Cottonmouth, Scratch n' Win, Matlock, Bulldog, Crabcake, Yankee, Pickle, Bluegrass, Jellyfish, Splinter, Ninja Turtle, Wabbit, Les Mis, Harley, Horsehead, Runstopper, Sanka, Fletch, Donkey Kong, Tiger Rag, Lazy Boy, Geraldo, Seu Seudio, Goodhands, Bananas, Brown, Puddin' Pop


bill_murray-stripes1981-1420Kettlebell Workout

Swings + Merkins + Runnin’ = Swerkin’


The Thang:

Pick up your bells and mosey to the parking lot below…the mosey is your warm up.

Line up at the bottom of the hill and do the following x 40 rounds on the minute:

15 Kettlebell Swings

10 Merkins

1 Hill Sprint up and back

If you do not finish the above by the sound of the next minute timer…penalty of 20 Burpees for that round.

Total workout  =  600 Swings, 400 Merkins, 40 Hill Sprints

Mosey back to upper lot


Thankfully it wasn’t nearly as humid today as it has been recently.  The total work put in today seemed to have many pax hunched over gasping for air and trying to find a way to get their grip back from all of the swings.  A special congrats to the men who used 50 and 45lb KBs out there today, and to those who stepped up in weight from their usual KB, and especially Horsehead who chose today to be his first day moving from a 35lb to 45lb (that is super impressive for a guy that could barely do 10 pushups before he came to F3 less than a year ago!).  For those of you who have been at the same KB weight for a year or more, it really is time to move up…as TR has said in the past, “In the Russian army, women use a minimum 16kg (35lbs) and men use a minimum 24kg (53lbs).”  A quote from the 10,000 Swing Challenge (which consists of 500 swings per workout…we did more than that today), “If you feel you’re able to do a second workout in the same day, then you are “underbelled” – you’re either not going heavy enough or not training with maximal effort.”

We did fall a few rounds short because of time spent going to the hill and back, but we made up for the swings and merkins along the way back and only fell a few short on the hill sprints.

Well done today, and thanks Brown for the send off!

Welcome back Frostbite and Matlock!

 3rd F Aftermath – Wednesday 6:30 Chapter 11 of Blue Like Jazz

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Run Stopper
Run Stopper
9 years ago

excellent lead this morning, Busch!

9 years ago

That was a very brutal start to the F3 week. Great to see Matlock and Frostbite back in the mix. Great lead Busch.

9 years ago

That was a tough one requiring a plucky effort. Thanks for the dead-down, Busch.

9 years ago

Switched KBs a few weeks ago, actually . . . Still not used to it though. Every Tuesday is like the Foreigner song – “Feels Like the First Time”.

9 years ago

Great lead Busch! Exactly how a Skunkworks beatdown should be!

9 years ago

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