Grinders and Sprints

  • When:07/29/14
  • QIC: Purple Haze
  • The PAX: Wolfman, Mall Cop, Soul Glo, Lex Luthor, Boutique, Mr. Brady, Hairball, Turkey Leg, Stone Cold, Alf, Champagne, Starfish, Header, Stagecoach, Hops, Purple Haze

Grinders and Sprints

16 men tuned in for another episode of the best worst hour of the week…#F3FastTwitch. Here’s what went down this morning:

The Thang

Disclaimer about YHC not being a pro. Motivational speech about pushing yourself on the runs. Both were beautiful moments filled with great emotion.

Run from SCMS to the stop sign at the end of Woodfox. Circle up for SSHs x 20 IC.

Left onto Rounding Run, across Raintree Ln to the stop sign at Windbluff. Circle up for IWs x 20 IC.

Run down Windbluff, stopping under street lamp along the way. Circle up for Mtn Climbers x 20 IC.

Run to the top of Shallowood. Divide into teams of 3 for hill grinders. One teammate at bottom doing merkins. One teammate at top doing deep squats. One teammate running the hill hard in between. Keep rotating through until the Q grows weary. Shallowood was our warmup hill.

Run back up Windbluff to the speed bump at the bottom of the hill. Grab some plank work with a couple 10 second Mission Impossibles while the Pax gathered. More hill grinders with your teammates on Windbluff. CDDs at the bottom. Flutter kicks at the top. Windbluff is much longer…and steeper.

Gather at the top of Windbluff for a run back down Rounding Run, stopping at Rising Meadow. From light post to light post, we did 5 AYG hill sprints with moseys back down. One of 5 was backwards.

Line up at the bottom in two columns for a double Indian Run back to base. Jailbreak at the end. COT. Solid takeout by Hops.


With Chelms on his 15th vacation of the summer, TL asked YHC after Muthaship yesterday if YHC wanted to Q FastTwitch this morning. Turns out he was joking…but, either because of lack of good judgment, serious O2 deprivation or being a Q tramp, YHC said yes.

YHC has become a fan of the simple and of repeating the simple. And so we just did the hill grinders and sprints for the duration. The goal was not so much mileage as it was to push hard on each run, especially the uphills, to work the legs and get the heart going. Think we accomplished that. and ended up with 4+ miles. Got all swole too with the merkins and CDDs. #NoMorePencilArms, #NoMoreConcaveChests. Don’t think the boys at Skunk want to take on any of us right now.

Remember Pax, Alf was responsible for the one backwards uphill sprint…you know, the one that lit the quads afire. Hops didn’t mind though…turns out he runs faster backwards than forwards. #wheelhouse

Some different faces out there this morning…good to have you all out to the FT. Special welcome to Starfish for making it one of his stops on his summer tour. Lots of Larry Birds on the sprints.

Always a pleasure to lead a group of great men like yourselves. TL, thanks for the opportunity, even if you didn’t mean it.

Btw, confirmed that a two column Indian Run is termed DoubleApplesauce. #Lexicon


  • Sign up for Mud Run
  • F3 Dads Camp in mid-August is filling up…get on it.


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9 years ago

@PurpleHaze, thanks for having me and leading us this morning. , thanks for the EH…this one is as bad/good as advertised. and @LexLuthor, enjoyed being pushed and pulled along by you brothers this morning.

I’ll be back and will make this a regular stop on the tour. (Especially if will keep his wonderful ideas to himself….)

9 years ago

I’m doing all Fast Twitch hill sprints backwards from here on out. By the way, thanks Wolfman for ditching the pax and skipping COT #wheresthelove

9 years ago

I’ll take all the credit for the backwards run. But don’t hate me, I only asked for 1 run. Hate the guy that made you do ~15 forward runs. Nice Q today Haze. Speed work up hill is always no fun at all.

Stage Coach
Reply to  Purple Haze
9 years ago

Overall, the workout was way too easy. I chose the last backward run so I could break a sweat.

9 years ago

F3 Dads – Camp launches in 17 days. The PAX is north of 300 PAX…it’s going to be a blast. If you are planning to come you need to register and pay at the link below ASAP. We are giving T’bird our headcount on Friday as they plan for meals and staffing.

Click here to Register and Pay:

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