Day Zero

  • When:7/26/14
  • QIC: Radar, Purple Haze
  • The PAX: Radar, Teddy, Gummy, Iron Horse (Respect), Hairball, Hops, Sweetness, Beaker, Strawberry, Soul Glo, Scratch 'N Win, Heartbreaker, Smash, Hannibal, Purple Haze

Day Zero

With the shovel flag still tucked away in Radar’s garage, 15 men gathered in the parking lot of the McAlpine Elementary, eagerly awaiting another dose of #F3DayZero. Today’s workout plan was pretty simple: Run and do stuff.

The Thang

Radar Q

Run to the Yellow Rose parking lot for COP:

  • SSHs x 50 IC
  • High knees x 20 IC
  • Mtn climbers x 20 IC

Partner up based on similar speed. Form two lines (partners in opposite lines) and go in opposite directions for an Indian run race around the block (0.6 miles).

  • Round 1 to Radar’s team; winners do 20 merkins, losers do 30 burpees
  • Round 2 to Haze’s team; winners do 20 merkins, losers do 30 burpees

Mosey to the bottom of Baybrook Lane. Find your partner.

  • Partner A – Run up hill to second light post on the left; do 10 military merkins, 10 regular merkins, 10 wide-arm merkins
  • Partner B – Knee jumps until Partner A returns
  • Flapjack until you reach 200 knee jumps as a team

AYG from the bottom of Baybrook to the shopping center entrance. Do some plank work with a couple of sets of 10 civilian merkins on the Q’s cadence.

Haze’s Q

One line for Indian run up to 51 and then up 51. Stop at Carswell for some plank work and Mission Impossible with double 10 counts. Mosey from Carswell up 51 to the hill between Carswell and Elm. On your six for 20 IC flutter kicks while the Pax gathered.

  • 5 forward hill sprints with backwards bear crawls down
  • 3 backwards runs up with forward bear crawls down
  • 5 forward hill sprints. Walk back down.
  • 2 backwards runs up. Walk back down.

Mosey back to the benches in front of the school. Find your partner.

  • Partner A – Left leg squat step ups with calf raises
  • Partner B – Run lap around parking lot
  • Flapjack. Go until you reach 100 as a team
  • Partner A – Right leg squat step ups with calf raises
  • Partner B – Run lap around parking lot
  • Flapjack. Go until you reach 100 as a team

Group mosey lap around parking lot. Jailbreak to COT.


In Army basic training, Day Zero is the worst day. And even though Radar lined us up for the Indian Run races similar to the attached video, today wasn’t quite that…but it was tough. Hard running for the duration. High heart rate exercises in between the running. Limits were found and pushed through.

Radar put his hands behind his head and called for high knees in the COP. It was like Imperial Walkers on speed. We looked ridiculous. Not sure why we had our hands behind our head…but we all shamelessly followed our Q.

Indian run races around the block, where it seems every part of it is uphill, was a smoker. Made us do the fastest Indian Run most of us have ever done…twice. Pretty sure that one will be back. At least there were no sandbags.

Been eyeing the hill on 51 between Elm and Carswell but, for fear of imminent death on 51, didn’t try it until today. That’s why we did the bear crawls and walking down…too much speed at the bottom could cause a wandering into traffic. During the hill work, a shirtless Webster did a drive by in the family SUV…threw Radar off his game, as he busted it right on his six. We were all embarrassed for him.

A solid group of men today, including a couple of site FNGs. Radar and YHC appreciate the opportunity to lead.


  • Sign up for MudRun. You’ll regret it if you don’t.


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9 years ago

Whew,this one hurts reading it. Smoker! Beaching it for week but will find some mileage and merkins along the way.

9 years ago

Good stuff today PH. Radar’s Q was okay. Thought he was going to call for the hokey pokey after the high knees.
Teddy can flat out run. It’s a travesty that he’s not on somebody’s BRR team. #topfreeagent
T-claps to Hairball for the 8 mile prerun prior to DZ.
Did you not mention the incline merkins due to the wretched cadence count Haze? Just trying to encourage a la Radar. Appreciate Radar sweeping my leg during the downhill bear crawl #sickandwrong

Reply to  Hops
9 years ago

Oh course you think my Q was only “okay” Hops. I didn’t afford you the three separate 10 counts my more compassionate co Q did. Also, you looked like you have gained weight. Nice work Hairball.

Reply to  Radar
9 years ago

Put on a couple pounds no doubt but didn’t slow me down at all when I blew past you a couple times on the runs.

9 years ago

That was a smoker (Bugeater, it was worse in real life). Awful. Indian run sprints? Bear crawl down(!) a Cat 5 incline? The work on Baybrook Lane was nasty. Wow. Still feeling it. Tankful for Radar and Haze – great Q guys. You know if these guys are on point, you’d better bring it. They didn’t disappoint.

9 years ago

On display on 51 for the public to see, disappointed we didn’t see any monkey humpers #missedopportunity

Iron Horse
9 years ago

that was a grade A beat down. i would have spilled my merlot but was too smoked to initiate the requisite gag reflex. the combo uphill backward walk and downhill bearcrawl is a keeper. Day Zero never disappoints

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