Can I trouble you for a cup of warm milk?

  • When:06/30/14
  • QIC: Hops
  • The PAX: Brushback, Hamlet, Verdict, Sledge, Hammer, FOD, Big Willy, Catfish, Runstopper, Outback, Hairball, Hannibal, Tardy, World Tour, Serengeti, Snowflake, Rashard, Kirk, One Eye, Bushwood, Steinbrenner, Bieber, Focker, Warm Milk (FNG Travis H), Scratch & Win, Hops

Can I trouble you for a cup of warm milk?

26 of Metro & Area 51’s finest ran by the VSF for another assault within the DMZ.

The Thang:

Jog to Carmel MS


SSH x 25

H-R Merkin x 20

MC x 25

Squat x 25

Jog to ballfield.

Grab a rock (not too small nor too big) and mosey to lacrosse field.

Overhead press w/rock x 25

AYG Run to other sideline

CDD x 15

AYG run back

Lunge walk w/rock 1/2 way across field, Walk back w/rock overhead

Backward run across field, AYG run back

Jack Webb’s w/Rock: 1 merkin, 4 overhead presses; 2 merkins, 8 op’s; 3 merkins, 12 op’s; 4 merkins, 16 op’s; 5 merkins, 20 op’s

Bearcrawl 1/2 way across field, Gorilla walk the other 1/2

High knees across field

Bicep curl x 25 w/rock

Karaoke across field, karaoke back

Buttkickers across field

Walk across field w/rock held straight out

Mosey to return rocks

To school for long session of People’s Chair

Each of the pax does 5 H-R merkins then AYG run to end of line while pax stays in the chair; repeat until all the way through the line

Jog back to Carmel Rd. Park

Stop at last speed island.  Plankorama.

AYG Run to the stop sign

circle up for some mary


Dolly x 13

Knee Up x 10

Makthar Ndjiaye x 13

Freddy Mercury x 13


Ye Olde Moleskine:

Great group this morning at DMZ.  Two 2.0’s and an FNG – Travis H – “Warm Milk”.  Another EH by Scratch & Win, and another nickname derived from a Ben Stiller movie.  How many have you EH’d now? 4?  Strong!  Welcome Warm Milk.  Come back soon…how about tomorrow at Skunkworks?

Noticed some especially strong running by Hannibal, Kirk, One Eye, Outback, World Tour and Runstopper.  Though Runstopper seemed to run out of steam in the later stages…not really…that was YHC.

Brushback, who is relatively new to the pax, is getting stronger; but hope the groin pull at Centurion which was aggravated today doesn’t put you on the IR for long.  Ice up son!

Great send off prayer by Rashard.


Metro July 4th convergence – launches from Independence Park at 0700.  Website link:

Area51 July 4th convergence – 0700 at Calvary Church (Anvil/The Rock) – Tri Q’s are Bulldog, Dora & Hops.  Coffeteria to follow at Arboretum Panera.

As always, it’s a privilege to Q the DMZ pax.  Hope the regimen didn’t disappoint.

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9 years ago

Great way to kick off the week Hops! Always solid work at Q.
Way to mix it up, even if the asphalt Makthar N’Diaye was unsavory –

9 years ago

Great Q Hops and thanks for the concern. Sitting at work with a cold compress and muscle roller as we speak.

9 years ago

Great Q today. The variety kept it fresh. See you at Skunkworks

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