Enter The Strong Man

  • When:6/28/14
  • QIC: Bryon and Big League Chew
  • The PAX: Fletch,The Hoff, Mr. Hanky (Ruck), Gullah, Lab Rat, Wolf Man, Hacker, Mighty Mite, Gabriel, Bryon (YHC), BLC (YHC)

Enter The Strong Man



Pandaemonium and mayhem ensued when11 men posted for strength and conditioning training courtesy of Byron’s Traveling Circus of Pain with a little Big League Chew thrown in.

14 stations

1. Sprint length of parking lot. Change stations when sprinter returns.

2. KB Swing / snatch ( / = alternating). Size is Dealers Choice

3. Sledge Hammer Pounds / Tire Flip

4. Sand Bag (40lb) Shovel Lunges

5. Dolly (on wheels) Knee Tucks

6. Farmers Carry Implements (100 lb each)

7. Sled Pulls /  Rows (100 lb)

8. Bench Press / Pull Overs 25, 50, and 60 lb. Dumb Bells. Size is Dealers Choice.

9. Battle Rope

10. Metal Log Clean and Press. 75 lb. plus extra plates for The Hoff

11. Ab Wheel

12. Power Burpies with 12 lb. DB in Each Hand

13. Shoulder Mobility Swing. 20 lb DB attached to end of Rope

14. Banded Bear Crawls

–2 Evolutions of the above


Called KB  PT while Pax Runs with Bone Crusher (80 lb. Sand Bag) around COP

1. 2 Handed Swings

2. High Pulls

3. Burpies

4. Uprt. Rows

5. Curls

6. Goblet SquatsAnd several others. YHC is blacking out at this point

Second Evolution was Sled pulls with more KB.



-Mighty Mite is the Silent Assassin.

– Hacker is unstoppable.

-The Pax called time on the Q but the Q’s watch still had 4 minutes left.The Hoff backed the Q so we pushed for 4 more minutes. Thanks Hoff.

-Mr. Hanky also came in and called for 20 Burpies to finish us off. The Pax not happy about that. You just can’t out work this guy! No matter what, he pushes his team through to the end weather we like it or not. I want this guy on my team getting’ in my face demanding more from me at the end! #Class990&1064GRT. He does what needs to be done every time! Setting the pace when it needs to be set is what he does!

-The Farmers Carry Implements had some of the pax looking cross eyed and opting for RDL with a 24k KB. However they did get a piece of the implements. Way to go guys. Those thing were no joke 100+ lbs each one!

– The sprint turned into a recovery jog as it was the only station without weight.

It is always humbling and an honor to lead you guys. Strong work by all and great fellowship. 5 yrs ago I was one sad clown who took no joy in PT. Now, thanks to Rhymer Fitness, F3, and SPEARHEAD the weekly beatdowns are nothing short of a good time!

– I wanted to do some Fast Twitch wind sprints at the end but just didn’t pull the trigger in time.

– Gotta love strong man training! Hope no one got injured with it all.


-Red, Light, and Blue–Sign up while you still can!

-Olympus will converge at Ascent next Saturday with High Tide delivering the punishment.





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The Hoff
9 years ago

Great Job today! You totally raised the bar at Olympus!!

Drop Thrill
9 years ago

I’m glad I was running a 10k trail run, cause I think I might be in pain if I’d shown up for this thang. lol

Least I wasn’t sitting on my #six.

I did run across 2 other F3 brothers at the http://www.trailrunchallenge.com (my first 10k). Aye!

9 years ago

Byron and BLC brought the pain with a wide array of strength training tools and dynamic excercises at Olympus. Being a few minutes late I got to warm up with the Metal Log Clean and Presses and the 180lbs of farmer carry…ouch. Thought Hoff was going to pull the backetball goal out of the ground while doing the resistance band bear crawls! Great variety and strong group as always.

High Tide
9 years ago

Wow! Sounds like I missed a good workout! Too bad I was down range this weekend. Looking forward to catching it the next time it comes through Olympus!

Be sure to join us at Ascent this Saturday for the convergence. I promise ample opportunity to test & push yourselves – i.e. don’t let the ‘moderate’ label fool you! You may moderate it as needed or amp it up if desired! Just bring your KB!


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