Rage Against the Gear

  • When:6/21/14
  • QIC: The Hoff
  • The PAX: Geraldo, Bananas, Good Hands, Alf, High Tide, Big League Chew, Mr. Hankey, Crab Cake, Young Love, Gullah, Wolfman, Mighty Mite

Rage Against the Gear

13 Men seeking something different came out to Olympus today and crushed it Gear Style.

The Thang:

SSH x 50 (in cadence = 100 reps)

Rage Against the Gear: Stations of Pain

– 16 Gear/Cardio/Power Strength Stations

– Fire Hose Drag was the timer

– When Hose returned Pax move to the next station to the right


1) 200 Meter Sprint

2) Farmer Carry (2) 45lbs Kettle Bells x 70 yards

3) Jump Rope

4) Sled Pull 40 yards 115lbs (metal on metal on the ground so drag resistance was extremely tough)

5) Parachute Sprint 140 yards

6) Hair Burners 40 yards with 35lb

7) 45lbs Kettle Bell Swing

8) 35lbs Medicine Call Squat Throws – Single Bounce Catch-to-Squat-to-Throw

9) Single Leg Jump over ruck Mountain Climbers

10) Dead Lift 88lbs KB

11) 70lbs Move Sandbag 120 yards

12) Bear Crawl 40 yards

13) Fire Hose over shoulder run x 120 yards

14) Duck Walk 40 yards

15) Rope Pull Ups

16) Sledge Hammer Right/Left

Sled Circle: Pax calls exercises

– Form up into circle with Kettle Bells

– P1 calls out exercise for Pax to perform

– P1 runs with weight sled around perimeter of Pax Circle

– When P1 gets back passes off to P2 and P2 calls exercise while running sled around circle

– Rinse and Repeat until all 13 have gone

Exercises included: Goblet Squats (twice), Burpee Squat Thrusts with Kettle Bell Press (twice), High Pulls, Upright Row, KB Swing, Burpees, Tricep Extensions, Bicep Curls, Over-head KB Press, Flutter with KB Press, Russian Twists

Jack Webb: KB Press with Bicep Curl

KB Press x 1; Bicep Curl x 4

KB Press x 2; Bicep Curl x 8

KB Press x 3; Bicep Curl x 12

KB Press x 4; Bicep Curl x 16

KB Press x 5; Bicep Curl x 20


KB Press x 20; Bicep Curl x 5

KB Press x 16; Bicep Curl x 4

KB Press x 12; Bicep Curl x 3

KB Press x 8; Bicep Curl x 2

KB Press x 8; Bicep Curl x 1



Special thanks to Jason Rhymer of Rhymer Fitnesss who inspired us with routines like this and helped with some of the gear used today. 

Rage Against the Gear was in full effect today.  I am not sure which of the stations was the hardest because just when we thought we’d get a break, we move to the next station and tackle something even harder.  OUTSTANDING EFFORT out there this morning.  The new direction we are taking with this site is a total shock to the body as most of these movements aren’t things we usually do when training.  But that didn’t matter…The men out here today were completely owned it.

T-Claps to Mr. Hankey for doing all this with a 45lbs Ruck on his back #selectionhopeful! I even believe I heard Geraldo or Banannas say that no one from SPEARHEAD should be allowed to come out to Olympus because this guy is on a totally different level (even at SH we look at this guy like he’s Van Damme In Universal Soldier…all he needs to do is sit in a tub of ice for a little bit and he’s all charged up).  He’s like Liquor Cycle on steroids. When he took that sled Waaaaay out of the way while we were doing Burpee Squat Thrusts with KB Press, there was a diabolical look in his eye.

And how about Wolfman with that sled run?  Flashbacks of being a Safety for Pitt hunting down a WR or RB to crush his helmet into.  Nice work Wolf!

YHC has to admit, immediately after the final rep I coughed, started to cramp and dry-heaved a couple times…if there was any fluid left in my body I would have puked for sure…which would have been awesome, lol.

T-Claps all around.  Thank you for posting with us today at Olympus.  Gullah and i really appreciated your willingness to try something different.  Our goal is to bring something new each week.  We are thrilled at the new direction of Olympus and hope to see more Pax each week.

Again, Thank you for the honor of leading such a strong group of men and for making my Century Q a memorable one.


The Hoff



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High Tide
10 years ago

Loved the workout today, Hoff. Lots of variety. I did skip the two running stations, as I continue to nurse my Achilles, but I otherwise liked all the stations (and hope to resume the running ones soon). The rope pullups were my favorite, as they were new to me, and the Jack Webb-style presses and curls were my least favorite, as I was completely toast by then. Plus, I got stung twice by something during Jack Webb, so that added to my pain cave in a new way.

I agree, Mr Hankey was a beast out there today, and I’m sure that’s normal for him. I was also impressed with Wolfman for (1) the sled sprint during the COP and (2) not spilling merlot (or vodka?).

Keep up the good work! When I’m not Q’ing at Ascent, Olympus may be my new hangout.

Young Love
10 years ago

Awesome job today, Hoff. I know a lot of work went into planning out that workout. Thanks for leading the way. Not sure which was the hardest, they all multiplied on top of each other. Pulling the sled using the “back row” method was a new sort of fun if that means anything. Jack Webb kettlebell was ridiculously hard coming at the end like that.

Big League Chew
10 years ago

Had a blast out there, Hoff. Monster beat down. I had to skip a couple of stations to catch my breath. The gear was ridiculous! So many toys. Bryon would have blushed.

10 years ago

The sled and hair burners in the same section was just awful. I also wouldn’t recommend hiring F3 for lawn maintenance. Our weed killing ability is a bit aggressive.

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