• When:06/16/14
  • QIC: Whiplash
  • The PAX: Stone Cold, Horsehead, Hops, Baracus, Bugeater, Purple Haze, Stagecoach, High Tide, Angler (3x Respect), Spackler, Whiplash (QIC)


The picnic tables were moved and 11 men gathered for an #F3Flex introduction to Active Isolated Streching (AIS) (also known as Active Isolated Flexibility or AIF). The AIS method of muscle lengthening and fascial release is a type of Athletic Stretching Technique that provides effective, dynamic, facilitated stretching of major muscle groups, but more importantly, AIS provides functional and physiological restoration of superficial and deep fascial planes. Each stretch begins by defining the current range of motion (stretch point). The target muscle is then stretched beyond that range with a gentle assist continuing for only two seconds. The muscle is then returned to its original resting position. Typically, eight to ten repetitions are required. Performing an Active Isolated Stretch of no longer than two seconds allows the target muscles to optimally lengthen without triggering the protective stretch reflex and subsequent reciprocal antagonistic muscle contraction as the isolated muscle achieves a state of relaxation. These stretches provide maximum benefit and can be accomplished without opposing tension or resulting trauma. (NOTE: The foregoing paragraph was written from memory and was not aided by Google in any way).

The Thang

AIS stretches for the following:

  • Calves
  • Lower Hamstrings
  • Upper Hamstrings
  • Inner Thighs
  • Hips
  • Quads
  • IT Bands
  • Lower Back

Close with some mobility stretches:

  • Side to Side
  • Scorpion



After neglecting normal morning duties to make the pre-run with Baracus and Stagecoach, Hops had some business to take care of from the outset…pulled an actual Semi-Gloss, but outdoors. The men of #F3TheRock better beware the next time Runstopper takes them to the sand volleyball court. The term “kitty litter” may be more literal than figurative after this morning. #WatchOutForClumps

Even though he loves them, possum biscuits do not agree with Horsehead, as his very real battle with early morning flatulence continued. He was positioned right next to Hops, which made things interesting for Stone Cold and Baracus. Not to be outdone, Bug joined the crop dusting too…must have had some Yuengling at the pool yesterday. A question for Dr. Danner: does AIS truly work if you hold your breath the whole time?

Spackler stayed consistent by even being a refusenik on some of the stretches. First burpees, now AIS. Guess that’s what happens when you become strictly a #runner.

It seemed like each Pax had something different to aid with the gentle assists for the AIS…to name just a few, we had ski rope, jump rope, towels, resistance bands (including one pink one), and some kind of rope that looked like Opie Taylor’s belt.

Whiplash kept using big doctor words like “piriformis” and “psoas” when describing some of the muscles we were stretching.  They did sound fancy and all the Pax agreed it was much better than saying “that muscle deep in the butt.”

With all that said, it was another solid #F3Flex workout. The benefits of increased mobility and flexibility are numerous. If you have not made it out, you should. Your muscles will thank you.

(posted on behalf of Radar, who wasn’t there)



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9 years ago

Don’t recommend the 2 minute People’s Chair (without a wall) immediately following a 3+ mile run nor as a warmup to Flex….mercy!

9 years ago

There are some things I will always refusnik. Especially when it calls for getting to the deep muscle in the butt.

9 years ago

I think you meant Jethro Bodine’s belt. Nonetheless, the image was strong.

9 years ago

Dang. Just spent five minutes trying to confirm it and failed. I’ll have to surrender to your superior Opie-knowledge, which is frustrating.

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