The Venison Mile

  • When:05/20/14
  • QIC: Turkey Leg
  • The PAX: Semi-Gloss, Blades of Glory, Sprout, Prohibition, Boutique, Hannibal, Cheese Curd, Cole Slaw, Baracus, Spackler, Hops, 49er, Purple Haze, Rock Thrill, Soul Glow, Turkey Leg, Slim Fast

The Venison Mile

17 men and some wildlife took to the track and the streets today for a reprise of some of Fast Twitch’s greatest hits. 

The Thang

Warm-up: 2 laps around track, easy pace

The Mile: 4 laps, aim for best time.

Semi-Gloss, 7:36
Blades of Glory, 7:03
Sprout, 6:45
Prohibition, 6:33
Boutique, 6:30
Hannibal, 6:17
Cheese Curd, 6:16
Cole Slaw, 6:15
Baracus, 6:14
Spackler, 6:13
Hops, 6:10
49er, 6:09
Purple Haze, 6:06
Rock Thrill, 6:04
Soul Glow, 5:56
Turkey Leg, 5:55
Slim Fast, 5:53
Bambi, 4:03*

*note: disqualified for encroachment

Mosey back to parking lot. Line up for Cowboy Run.  Similar to Indian Run but YHC stays out in front varying the pace, while rear runner comes up from beind to file in behind the leader and maintain pace.  Continue one mile to bottom of Coburn.

11’s on Coburn hill: squats at bottom, LBCs up top.

Catch-me if you can w/5 merkins:  up Coburn to Cary Ridge and to 51.

Moderate run to Davie Park; run to back of top lot; AYG back down to gate

Line up for indian run back to campus

Total mileage: 6.33


  • Great showing out there today with 17 for the first anniversary of Fast Twitch
  • Welcome FNGs to Fast Twitch – hope to see you back out again soon
  • No takers for a burpee mile or beer mile as suggested in the pre-blast, but we did end up with the Venison Mile.  Bambi wanted in on the action, joining our pack in the warm-up.  I think that was the fastest we’ve ever seen some of the PAX move. 
  • Congrats to Haze moving up another notch in seniority tomorrow.  Seems the age is catching up with him after the pleas to head back the short way after the 11s, apparently concerned he might not be able to make it back in time.
  • On behalf of Spackler, we’re all so proud of Semi-Gloss. 
  • Thanks to Hops for taking us out in COT


  • On Saturday, Olympus and Rock converging at Day Zeroversary after Byron’s Kettlebell clinic


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Cheese Curd
9 years ago

Happy Birthday Fast Twitch! A year ago I was on IR, so I missed the launch and MANY Tue post. However, since then it’s been on my rotation. Great timing now that it’s a full hour..

It might not be Muthaship- concrete and closed in. FT is nothing but deep hills, valleys and fresh suburb air. This is how the South gets it done!

Strong work on the mile times today. Mine is not all that impressive compared to our many seasoned runners, but again it’s you against you, with someone from the Pax pushing you harder!

I can say after 20 years ago I was able to best my PR from high school, 6:23 now 6:16! Looking forward to knocking it down further.

If your still reading this, I also want to call out the person who grabbed me and pushed me closer to the deer! Thanks. I am not sure who was scared more the deer or Pax??

Purple Haze
Purple Haze
9 years ago

1 year later and still Fast Twitch remains the workout I dread the most (except for Day Zero of course). It’s always awful and the collection of greatest hits put together by TL today was hurtful. If Sprague had been here to lead us in his timed, never ending 100 yard dashes, there would have been complete merlot spillage.

Yes, getting older. Forgot to switch my watch back to regular time so I was still looking at my mile time thinking we were almost done. It was a brutal slap in the face to know we still had 18 minutes and the long way out of the valley for CMIYC.

9 years ago

Wow…my mile time is already faster since the FT beat down this morning. This workout does make you faster! Let the record show my mile time was 6:48, not 6:14. Clearly a clydesdale among this group of thoroughbreds, but I did get faster by 12 secs since my last timed mile! I think it was the deer that gave me a little extra bolt of adrenaline this morning. Before we actually saw what was making all the noise against the chain link fence, I heard someone claim it was Spackler trying to escape FT. This is the same guy who would later suggest sprints after doing the 11s. Thanks guy! I needed that.

9 years ago

That was one of those workouts where you know it’s going to be hard going in, hate it while you’re in it, and feel great that you did it after. Thanks for a great lead, TL. And brother, I’m sorry that you had to partner with me in the “Catch me if you can.” I clearly couldn’t and knew it when I was sprinting trying to catch you(who I might add was running easy) and I was losing ground. #surrender

As for the deer, that will be something I remember for a while. I do think we scared the heck out of the deer, but I think there may be some PAX who had to check their shorts as well. That was crazy. Thanks to Cheese Curd for the headlamp so that we could see our nemesis!

Slim Fast
9 years ago

Doh! A Deer!! (ok… had to use that…)

Great Q as always by TL. T-claps to Sprout for being FNG on Monday at Base Camp, then jumping in on Tuesday in definitely one of the more unique and rigorous workouts of Area 51!

As always, I head out the door at 4:50 asking myself “What am I doing??”… and then come back at 6:30 saying, “Wouldn’t miss it for the world!” Great to workout with you boys this morning!!

9 years ago

Rock Thrill was clearly very focused during the warm up laps as kept asking what was it that we all saw on the track getting stuffed by the fence. I told him it was a bear. His look was priceless.

The only time I really don’t dread FT is when I am Q’ing because I know exactly what to expect. Today, to say I was a bit anxious would be a lie. My anxiety of what was to come on the 1 year anniversary was through the roof. And that damn deer didn’t help me either. All I could think about was that thing blindsiding me during turn 2.

Baracas, you are welcome for the sprints. I intended for that to get us away from the freaking hill and back to the track. Had no idea that would take us to CMIYC through the hood. However I befriended FNG Sprout who looked pretty tired so we kind of cruised to 51. Great work by Sprout and Boutique. Not sure what bet y’all lost but to show up for FT for your 1st time on it’s anniversary took some guts.

And now as I part ways with you for today, just know that #F3wax Semi Gloss will be trending by days end. Very proud to get him back out to FT. He needed the reminder of how bad it sucks.

Purple Haze
Purple Haze
Reply to  Spackler
9 years ago

Can you even imagine how gross SG’s Patagonia fleece is?

Reply to  Purple Haze
9 years ago

Haze – thanks for making my brain even TRY to imagine. Ewwww.

9 years ago

That was painful. I was seriously contemplating staying in the fartsack. Glad I didn’t. Great Q TL. Choosing 49’er as my partner in CMIYC was ill-advised…thanks for taking it easy on me brother….sort of. Got a long way to go to get ready for BRR – this was a good step towards that.

9 years ago

Strong mile times, fellas. I wanted to be there, but thought better of it after pulling something in my leg yesterday. Looks like I made the right decision after seeing this backblast.

9 years ago

Did anyone else think of this after this morning?

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