The legs got worked as did the lungs – 5.75 at #F3FastTwitch

  • When:05/13/14
  • QIC: Spackler
  • The PAX: Leroy, Hannibal, Purple Haze, Radar, Soul Glo, 49'er, Tiger Rag, Chelms aka Tater Tot, Gummy, Prohibition, Runstopper, Rock Thrill, Slim Fast, Horse Head

The legs got worked as did the lungs – 5.75 at #F3FastTwitch

15 pax came to welcome YHC back into action after a 4 day hangover.  Here is what we did:

The Thang

OYO to Davey Park – 100 squats

OYO to Calvary – 100 squats

OYO to McAlpine – 100 squats/monkey humpers

Mosey behind McAlpine for 3 laps of Catch Me If You Can (I couldn’t) with Merkins as the exercise

Plank when done – Elbows, Plank, Elbows, Plank

Line of up for Native American Run back to Davey Park – 100 squats

OYO back to South Charlotte Middle

20 Fred Mercury

30 Dolly

24 Backscratcher

Total Mileage at 5.75 miles 


Ye Ole Moleskin

Wasn’t joking about the 4 days

Strong performance by all today with the ‘running’ – Chelms’ merkin form was still awful.  No wonder why he kept catching YHC so quickly on CMIYC.  Just joking Chelms.  Don’t go all crazy in the comment section.

Another meat & potatoes kinda day if you will – love em.  Makes the backblast shorter to type.

Was a perfect day for Splinter to not show – Clean shoes day if you will…

Wow, TR and Runstopper at #F3FastTwitch on the same day?  Somebody mess with y’all on Twitter?

Sorry about the squats but they helped YHC catch his breath.  Especially since YHC didn’t come close to 100 AND form was terrible.

Radar with B2B weeks at FT.  Guess he hasn’t quit F3 after all.  He and Purple Haze look cute in their matching beards.

Hannibal loves the backscratcher for his neck muscles.  They will get you huge – which is what Fast Twitch is all about BTW.

Name change request for Slim Fast to now be named Slim Slow – not for his running speed of course.

Horse Head mumbled something about Dance Class.  Didn’t catch it all but would pay $$ to see him shag.

Stopped and spoke to Strange Brew at a stop light near the Arbo prior to posting.  He flew right by Strawberry Lane.  Either he doesn’t like my Q, Fast Twitch is too tough for him or both.

Always an extreme pleasure to lead such a fine crew.  Thank you Chelms for taking us out in prayer.



F3Golf – Thursday is last day to sign up.

Check the pre Blast for a KB 101 course to be taught by TR and Byron this coming Saturday at The Rock

Radar is looking for someone to step up and Q F3 Flex on Mondays.  Haze will do all the admin work.





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Cheese Curd
10 years ago

Very happy I skipped today, my legs are still smoked from Muthaship. Those squats woulda killed me!

I was the one beeping at you on my way to my 1st appearance to Skunk in a very LONG time! Seeing a large group of guys with headlamps and doing squats, does look outta place at 5:24 and I knew who it was!

Strong work, see this crew next week!

Slim Fast
10 years ago

Good stuff Spackler! Enjoyed dragging the boat weights around, otherwise known as my legs!

10 years ago

Speaking of paying money to see someone shag – did you give TR and PH a quarter or something to entice them to do those strange squat things on all fours? That was worse than the monkey humpers. The whole “run until you are dizzy and then do something inappropriate until others pretend they are finished and start to run off” theme is a classic.

Purple Haze
Reply to  Horsehead
10 years ago

HH, I know you tried the bear squat when you got home.

Stone Cold
10 years ago

Splinter was with YHC getting huge at Skunk. He beat YHC and Bugeater up on a PreSkunk 3 miler. #runandguns

Chelms aka Tatertot
10 years ago

Spackler – The day when my form is not an excuse by someone in the PAX as to why the WD beat them will be the day I know I am really old. Fairly confident that day is a long way off.

10 years ago

I think I pulled a sternocleidomastoid.

Purple Haze
10 years ago

Beard envy is an epidemic.

10 years ago

Thanks Spackler for reminding me why I have a love/hate relationship with Fast Twitch. I love that it’s a 1 hour, non-stop workout that allows you to really push yourself to the limit; while I hate that it’s a 1 hour, non-stop workout that allows you to really push yourself to the limit. Also, a shout out to my Catch Me If You Can partner Slim Fast…you smoked it bro! Now if you can just do the same with your “10 counts” while holding a 6 inch plank!

10 years ago

Good workout. Appreciate the pack planking me in during the home stretch.

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