Towel….a gift for you.

  • When:05-06-14
  • QIC: Stone Cold
  • The PAX: Crabcake, Busch, Hacker, Bugeater, Hacksaw, MMMBop, Country livin', Pse Pseudio, Cole Slaw, Puddin' Pop, Harley, Baracus, Donkey Kong, Swiss Miss, Gullah, Good Hands, Bulldog, Header, Yankee, Frostbite, Fireman Ed, Geraldo, Bananas, Tiger Rag, Stone Cold (QIC)

Towel….a gift for you.

25 of the best from the south CLT area posted for a good ole fashion skunkfest with a slight twist.  Who knew a little thing could make such a difference.  There a lesson in there somewhere.  “grab a towel, follow me”

The Thang:

SSH x 25

Goblet Squat x 20

IW x 25

Towel Swing x 20 OYO (TR demo)

Stagger arm Merkins Rt x15, Lt x 15

Mosey -racked bells

Partner Up- like size bells

Farmer’s carry Catch me if you can- wrap towel around bell handles

Combined KB weight of 70 or less: 7 burpees; >70 5 burpees

Plankarama until all are back.

Hill work (with Partners) PT #1 does said exercise until PT#2 returns from hill; flapjack until reps are complete:

50 seated should presses (alternate arms)

100 Towel swings

100 goblet squats

100 lawnmowers

Farmer’s carry Catch me if you can- wrap towel around bell handles back to Flagpole with 10 LBC’s


Dolly press x 15

LBC x 20

Flutter press x 15

LBC x 20



YHC hopes the pax enjoyed the slight variation of a typical Skunk workout.  Hold on to that towel for future skunks.

Here’s the link to the Towel swing demo that TR explained this am.   Thanks TR for your help.  Maybe you should get all inked up like that dude.  #hellsangel

Tclaps to Cole Slaw (FNG to Skunk), strong work and to MMMBop for returning from last week.  here we go with that song stuck in our heads again….

Our resident dancing Nebraskan, Bugeater, will turn 41 tomorrow.  He made it a point to let us all know.  So, who’s got something in store for him tomorrow when/if he posts.

Warmer mornings for the pax will get the sweat pouring quicker.  Or at least that is the goal.  Reach out to the guys you haven’t seen in a while and EH them back to the herd.

Great sendoff by Busch, reminder to all of us of our responsiblity as fathers to lead, especially our sons.  #menofcourage


F3 Golf- sign up.  And see Harley if you commited to contribute to the Skunkworks sponsored Hole, which will be the toughest hole on the course obviously.  #fasttwitchpoke

F3 Dads- coming in June, get the 2.0s fired up.  It’s a fun time for all.  See Header if you would like to help Q







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10 years ago

ok – next week there will be an opportunity for extra burpees if you choose not to contribute to the Skunkworks sponsorship of a hole at the golf tourney. Thanks to those who stepped up this am. I think we can do way better than $100, so come on. I will collect cash next week. Skunkworks will be sponsoring a hole at the golf tourney, we committed to $100 but can do more. I will collect cash on Tuesday. Or you can send it electronically (don’t be afraid of technology). If you bank with Wells Fargo or Bank of America, you can go online and look for something called SurePay, send the payment to my email at, you will need to put in name as Michael Jordan (just like the hoops player).

10 years ago

Solid work this am Stone Cold. I would propose a name change to Crazy Towel Guy but Stone Cold is too good to give up, and you live up to to the name well.

10 years ago

For what is wort, the towel swing is an awesome way to get your form down squared away for your normal swing. Enter the Kettlebell (found on amazon) is a great book for getting the basics down with KBs. The Russkies know a thing or two about swing around the KB. Nice work guys.

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