Nothing Fancy

  • When:04/30/14
  • QIC: Mermaid
  • The PAX: Spackler, Purple Haze, Champagne, Abacus, Cane, Abba, Liquor Cycle, Caveman, Water Seal (Site FNG), Mermaid

Nothing Fancy

Posted on behalf of Mermaid

Inclement weather mostly held off. On the lookout for lightning. A little bit of rain made for really nice conditions. KB group (Spackler, Champagne, Abacus, PHaze) sat in car and watched lightning rather than swing the iron. Smart move gentlemen. Many more KB opportunities await.


Mosey around entire church back to launch point with a stop at 3/4 mark for COP under entrance cover:


10 burpees OYO

Merkin x20 in cadence

Mountain climber x25 in cadence

10 burpees OYO

Mosey to hill at soccer fields

Triple Nickel

Merkin (5 regular at top/5 wide at bottom/5x)

Plank to wait for PAX

Plank-o-rama: RAH/RLH/Swap/6 inches/10 count/5 merkin

Mosey to long parking lot in front of building

Partner up

Partner run exchanges

Partner 1 run to 5th island while partner 2 does called exercise

Flapjack to called number

1-120 merkin

2-60 burpees

Mosey to rock pile

Grab a good size rock

30 rock squat (IC)

Bicep curl x20 (IC)

Shoulder press x20 (IC)

Carolina Dry Dock x20 (IC)

Shoulder press x20 (IC)

Carolina Dry Dock x20 (IC)

Bicep curl x20 (IC)

20 rock squat (IC)

Drop rock at pile

10 count to recover

Mosey to pavilion

People’s Chair: Arms out front/20 count/Air Press x60

3 exercise set: Step up/Dip/Derkin X 15

Mosey to soccer field hill

Hill run tabata

60 seconds up and down/20 seconds rest x3 (4 minute total): Sprint up/Mosey back down

Mosey to launch lot for Mary

Heals to Heaven x15 (IC)

Bicycle x30

10 burpees OYO


KB group slightly reluctant after sitting and watching the lightning show for 30 minutes rather than getting massive through KB work. Agreed to head out and be on lookout for lightning. Plan was to go as long as it was safe. No reason to put anyone in danger. YHC made sure to mention the disclaimer. We got lucky and were dealt a little bit of rain and a lot of humidity. Great conditions for a workout that kept us on the move. 2.2 miles total run. Plenty of burpees and merkins, YHC favorites. Spackler, at one point, indicated that we should pick up the run pace, but YHC not nearly the running man that Spackler is. Hence, merkins and burpees. Great work by all PAX out there today. Very strong hill work by Cane, Spackler, Abacus, Purple Haze. As always, a pleasure and a blessing to be able to lead a fine group of men. YHC took group out in BOM.


•Sign up for F3 golf. Visit the website or check the weekly email for the links. Do it now if you can make it.

•New moderate workout starts tomorrow at Matthews Elementary. Peak 51.

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10 years ago

Sorry to miss the fun this morning gentlemen. I had my annual physical early this morning. Check out the attached video for a re-enactment of my appointment.

10 years ago

Was a great Q. I was spend after that one. Also please accept a heartfelt thank you for helping me sweat out the weekend. After 2 nights in a row of going to bed before my 6 year old, I was finally ready to approach the gloom.

10 years ago

Dang Spackler, sounds like a fun weekend, maybe too much fun. Glad you came out and happy to help get you straightened out. Workout was a tough one if the deterioration of my spoken communication/cognitive skills was any indication. I was warning you guys to look out for thunder and called merkins merkees. Thanks, Haze for the feedback and for posting BB and tweeting count. I am happy to post to sight, but think I may need some advanced clearance. Time for some party planning. Aye.

10 years ago

I can’t believe this Pre-KB crew sat it out in fear of a little “heat lightning.” Please see backblast for Death Valley where the men got Huge! That reminds, me guess the reason this crew sat it out is b/c they are filled with Gamecock fans. They followed the lead of Clowney and took this one off.

10 years ago

No commment on you being huge. Just chuckled a little bit though. Thank you for that.

And, ssk your star QB Tahj how many plays he felt Clowney took off for you clowns. Boom.

10 years ago

And yep, I went to SC hence the spelling errors.

10 years ago

Splinter, the reason you were save is the big Q in the sky isnt’ interested in little baby bells like those from DV, so of course you were safe. Now manly bells like those at Anvi, they would atract more attention…

10 years ago

An no I can’t spell either – that was Anvil.

Stage Coach
10 years ago

Does anyone actually read his comments before clicking submit?

10 years ago

Yes- why?

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