Some Men Never Learn

Some Men Never Learn

The shovel flag was planted and 22 men gathered in the gloom (five early for some pre-workout KB – more later) to get the weekend started off right.

The Thang:

KB – Between 5am and 5:10, five men gathered for some KB work led by Champagne.   Not sure why we have started working out longer on Friday (1:15) than on Saturday but PH and Champagne insist I need it so I showed up.  They also insist that they don’t mean any dis-respect to my workout but it’s odd they are in the parking lot throwing the bell around before I even roll in.  At a minimum I’m hoping their Friday evening festivities will end a little earlier than normal due to fatigue.

Regular workout – Grab two pavers from the Q’s SUV and head up to the parking lot.


  • SSH X 20
  • 10 burpees
  • Man maker merkins X 15
  • 10 burpees

Jog down HW51 to entrance to greenway and plank till all the pax arrive – #nomanleftbehind.   Head over to the bars for a mini murph – 30 pull ups, 60 merkins, and 90 squats.  Plank till PAX finishes

Jog back up HW51 to shopping center for Push Presses in cadence (about 25) until PAX gathers.  Head over to Palentine hill with some serpentine runs up and down the hill.

Palentine HIll – Ladder to 5 up Palentine with burpees at top and squats at bottom.   Pretty sure this is one of the toughest hills in Charlotte even without the bricks.  PAX stayed strong and no BS’s calls were heard.

COP – Mary with flutter, dolly, high dolly (or was it flutter – I never get it right #10,000+ fails) and slow bicycle.

More serpentine running up and down the hills back toward the school.

LIne up in parking lot for some speed/agility work

  • Karaoke right to 2nd light, sprint back
  • Karaoke left to 2nd light, spring back
  • Bear crawl to 1st light, spring back

Back to SUV to drop of bricks and finish with 10 burpees.


Naked Moleskin:

Champagne and PH once again start poking the bear via Twitter on Thursday night.   Any complaints about the workout can be directed to those two jokers.   They provide plenty of #firewood for the Q every time I”m up.   Sad thing is that PH knew it was lights out for me while Champagne continued his “encouragement” after 9pm.

Sacagawea is first guy I’ve seen to beat Frasier in a sprint.   I think Frasier was taking it easy so not sure who is faster.   Formal invite for Sacagawea to attend Fast Twitch is hereby extended.

Once again, the Q briliantly demonstrated the concept of 10,000 fails multiple times. We encorage more men to step up and Q.   Centurion is close to needing to have an offshoot (#starfish).

The bricks, while appearing small and easy to handle, are wickedly deceptive, especially when running up Palentine.


F3 Golf sign up ends May 15 but please sign up sooner if possible.

Make sure you focus on the Fellowship and Faith part of F3 as much as the Fitness.  The opportunity to make a greater impact is amplified by F3.   Don’t be afraid to get outside your comfort zone and try something new.  Udder worked on his presentation skills at Panera after the workout – nothing like wi-fi disconnection to help you deal with adversity.

Champagne mentioned something about something.  I’ll add it later or he can include a link in comment I”m sure will be forthcoming.


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9 years ago

#smoked….. That is all.

9 years ago

Smoker Chelms. While I don’t love the bricks the changes in scenery are appreciated. Strong work out there today.

Purple Haze
9 years ago

I will say that I have learned my lesson…until the next time. Again, you made me run distances while carrying weight, which is annoying at best. And then, we hit the hill, after hills on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Oh the humanity.

But let it be known that Moniteur stirred the pot a little on Twitter and then Champagne really turned up the heat. He even gave you some #mumblechatter during the workout. My guilt is by association only as I was a good boy today…dealing with my own personal demons.

Good to have you at TheStand.

Cheese Curd
Reply to  Purple Haze
9 years ago

Those bricks were deceivably challenging! I thought, “what are we planning on doing with those, small bricks”? What a dumb question…
The greatest and worst is that:
1) you could “easily” hold them, different from some “grab a rock” workouts.
2) everyone had the same weight and discomfort running = playing field
3) If you missed place yours, you could pick up someone else’s

It was amazing to see how the bricks changed running and all other activities!

Every named AO hill is notable for sucking! I just added that to my list.

Great lead!

Purple Haze
Reply to  Chelms aka Tatertot
9 years ago

No Chelms…just you. You know, I didn’t even mention that you tagged this as Info South Charlotte rather than Backblast South Charlotte. Only an amazing retweet has allowed anyone to even find it.

9 years ago

Here is the link Chelms. Plus great workout. #smoked.

Purple Haze
9 years ago

Chelms, does your demonstration of 10,000 fails include spelling in your backblast?

9 years ago

Look at it this way Chelms, you are on the fast track to 10,000 fails. You will be there in no time.

9 years ago

Grammer is and Speling be damned; The man can put together a Beatdown!
Stumbled into KB cause the 4.0 woke up early, and had bell in car.

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