45 Minutes of the Skunk Still Wins

45 Minutes of the Skunk Still Wins

There has been some talk about “the ulitmate mid-week workout” in South Charlotte. Just one man’s opinion, but 45 minutes of kettlebells and sprints is tough to beat. Nice work this morning. It was an honor to lead, and I’m thankful I did not spill. Here’s how 27 (or 58) men chose to get their Tuesday started.

– Imperial walkers
– Good mornings
– Stagger-arm merkins on KB, left, right
– Goblet squats
– 2-handed swings
– mosey to road

Burpee Chasers
– Partner 1 farmer carry w/ 2 KBs
– Partner 2 7x burpees if combined KB weight <=70 lbs, 5x burpees if combined KB weight >70 lbs
– Side note: TR’s shiny new KB almost hit the 70 lb threshold with no partner, I had to decline his invitation to partner up for fear that I might pull my arm off
– Run 0.6 miles around church

– LBC w/ KB
– Russian/Crimean Twists w/ KB
– Peter Parker

Merkin Hills
– Start at bottom of parking lot
– Set #1
– Partner 1: sprint to first median 10x merkins and back, sprint to second median 10x diamonds and back, sprint to top of road 10x wide arms and back
– Partner 2: alternate flutter w/ KB and dolly w/ KB / switch
– Set #2
– Partner 1: repeat median merkin sprints
– Partner 2: alternate goblet squats w/ KB and good mornings w/ KB
– Set #3
– Partner 1: repeat median merkin sprints
– Partner 2: alternate KB curls and tricep KBs

Active Recovery
– Upright rows w/ KB
– KB clean and press

Burpee Chasers (crowd pleaser to finish)
– same as before with run up to Fullwood and then to flag pole

We enjoyed some warmer temps today, and many chose to go sans gloves (including me). My calloused hands have turned into baby skin and were hurting on the asphalt. The warmer temps also brought out the #s. Make sure you read the disclaimer and think twice before bringing an FNG to the skunk. I did not have a lot of time to plan so kept it simple, mission accomplished with lots of sprints and KB reps – keep the heart rate going.

Busch is reading through Proverbs in April with a book each day (30 Proverbs, 30 days in April). Today is April 1, so you are not behind.

Country Living will be virgin Q next week, you will not want to miss. He was so flustered or oxygen deprived this am that he drove off and left his KB.

– Harley

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10 years ago

Well, this darn sure wasn’t the WIB, but I’m still going to be sore tomorrow. Good stuff!

10 years ago

Kirk – welcome to SW brother. Sorry I missed fellas. On what I hope is short-term IR….my mudrun team hopes the same.
Kotters to PBQB!
And I must correct the Q and say there is no “g” in Country Livin’. Right Bananas?

10 years ago

Harley, trying to send some money over your way through Wells but it needs your first & last name and “Grant Jordan” isn’t working.

Reply to  Harley
10 years ago

Is there a rename in order for Harley with this revelation?

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