Recycled Rocks and Running

Recycled Rocks and Running

15 men assembled at Hydra for what was hopefully our last cold workout of the winter.
Mosey to front field for a warmup
SSH x 20


IW x 20

Mountain Climbers x 20

Slow squat x 20
Mosey around the school with high knees, butt kickers, carioca mixed in. Assemble at the rockpile in the church parking lot across the street from the school. Split into two groups.
Group 1 select a manly rock and perform called exercise while group 2 hustles around the church building. Flapjack and repeat with:
Overhead press
Merkins with one hand on the rock



Merkins with other hand on the rock

Return rocks to their homes and assemble for Indian Run through the neighborhood to the unnamed Hydra hill for Triple Nickels.

Run to top, 5 jump squats, run to bottom, 5 burpees, repeat 5 times

Lunge walk to the trailhead, then mosey through trail to back field for Mary

LBC, Flutter, Protractor, Dolly

Mosey back to front field

Sprint from one end to the other three times, ending at the fence.
Surely that was our last sub-40 degree workout, right? I’m done with it. We got warmed up quickly this morning though. I recycled this Weinke from my Ascent Q at the same site last weekend and just turned it up a little for the Hydra crowd. Bugeater and Kirk led the charge for my group around the church – traversing the ditch never quite felt safe, but I think we made it out without injury. I stole the Triple Nickel from someone who Q’d at Anvil a few weeks ago, but I can’t remember who it was. It’s become a favorite on the Weinke for me though. Just the right level of suck. I love looking back when we get to a new spot during the workout and seeing Greyhound’s headlamp bobbing up behind us. That guy doesn’t quit. Great work by him out there this morning. Kirk was a beast again on the Triple Nickels, but it made me feel a little better to see him lay down on his back after he finished. Slight navigational error by me on the way through the trail. Next time, I’ll just pretend I meant to take the long way around.
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High Tide
9 years ago

Good Q! Always hate the running, but I need it. So I posted anyway. Glad I did. Love that you found a rock pile for the AO!

Pre-preblast for next week (4/3), there may be slightly less running at Hydra, but we’ll find a way to make up for it…ditto for Ascent to follow on 4/5…

9 years ago

Believe it or not (and I wouldn’t if I were you), I was going to start leading Mary for the finishers until your call to plank!

Seriously, good Q! My watch had 2.7 miles with the majority being sprints. That’s getting into Metro territory for distance, though they would probably balk at curls. I don’t think I’ve ever done any type of curls at a Metro workout.

Reply to  Kirk
9 years ago

Great. That’s two Qs in a row I’ve been mocked for including a particular exercise. No more Toy Soldiers or bicep curls.

High Tide
Reply to  Gummy
9 years ago

No, no! Don’t drop the curls! We Hydra-ites don’t want to become known as “pencil armed” or “hollow chested” as the pax of some other workouts have become. Bring it!
(Besides, they give me a chance to recover from the running…)

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