Paul Bunyan sans ox visits Centurion

Paul Bunyan sans ox visits Centurion

The shovel flag was planted and 25 Pax (no ox) showed up to get the weekend started off right.   Larger than normal crowd as Twitter traffic (which almost shut the internet down the night before) raised the curiosity level in South Charlotte regarding YHC’s plan.   Four men showed up at 5am (so they say) for some KB work (#nowdrespect).

The Thang:

Jog past Hops as he drives in late and head around to Little Ave after short detour to back entrance to the school for team assignments, coupon selection (oak, bricks, and jump rope), and COP.

  • Ten burpees (focus on form, unlike the Q per complaints filed later)
  • Decline merkins X15
  • Decline diamonds X10
  • SSH X20
  • Mtn Climbers X20
  • Peter Parker X20
  • Decline CDD X15
  • Incline merkins X15 (close quarters – hold your breath)

Teams grab coupons and head over to large parking lot for some relay racing.

Partner 1 grabs bricks and heads down to 2nd light (YHC called the third light but smart whippersnapper counted the one at the starting line so audibled – turned out the whippersnapper is wise for his age), partner two grabs jump rope, and partner 3 grabs the piece of oak and follows after partner 1.  Teams carry oak back and forth between lights and do either brick work or jump rope while off Paul Bunyon duty.   Brick work was:

  • Man maker merkins
  • Shoulder presses
  • Curls
  • John Travolta’s
  • Plank

Circle up for 10 burpees and a few minutes of Mary – Low flutter, low dolly, high flutter, high dolly, LBC

Line up on  line for some running work

  • Three light suicide with 2, 4, 6 burpees
  • Karaoke down and back
  • Sprint down and back

COP – Kill a few minutes with exercises I don’t recall including plank


Naked Moleskin:

Twitter stock jumped 10 points this am due to surge in traffic last night related to YHC’s plan.   Guesses of pavers and cinder blocks missed the mark by 30-40 pounds #gobigorstayhome.  Those oak stumps were brutal to carry.   No worries about repeat performance – they will be split and thrown in the fire soon enough.

Purple Haze, Champagne, and others continue to poke the bear with pre-workout KB starting at 5am.   My guess is the battle will continiue and YHC will have to get even more creative.


Hops noted several new bible studies getting started including one at South Park at lunchtime.  Check web site for more details.

There are still spots available if anyone interested in the Time Warner Arena workout tomorrow am.   Sign up on the web site.

Abacus and I thank all the PAX who have made donation to support the fight against brain cancer and joined Team Chepul Hill.   Our team has raised over $6k in two weeks, which would not have been possible without the support of F3 men.   We are truly blessed to be a part of such an awesome group of men and my family thanks everyone that has stepped up to support us.  If interested in racing or donating, go to


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Mighty Mite
9 years ago

One of these days I’m going to Q a workout where I bring a bunch of axes and the pax will spend the entire workout cutting down trees. #lumberpax

Reply to  Mighty Mite
9 years ago

Splitting wood for 45 minutes straight would be an awesome workout.

9 years ago

Cane asked me how much I thought our round weighed. My response was 120 pounds. He guessed around 100. Split the difference and we go with 110. It was like Dory was carrying his own body weight. That was a true challenge and the round got the better of me this AM. Was wishing I had brought my maul to split that into a manageable-size token. Strong Q as usual Chelms.

Purple Haze
Purple Haze
9 years ago

Chelms, nothing fun about this workout. I did not count on your neighbor’s cut down oak tree and I certainly wanted no part of carrying anything after last week’s GRC. Carrying things, whether its rocks, sandbags and now stumps, at workouts is my demon. So thank you for giving me a chance to face him yet again.

As for the Twitter traffic and for stirring the War Daddy Complex by attending a pre-KB when you Q, just remember the push you get from them, to be better than you would ever be on your own. It’s my duty as your F3 brother. You’re welcome.

Stump Hugger
9 years ago

Having a painful flashback!!

9 years ago

WD found a way to slow down the whippersnappers. He also conveniently jumped the gun on the Suicides as he was giving instructions. Wily old veteran which is just a nicer way of saying cheater.

Reply to  Abacus
9 years ago

And Chelms’ day just got better with Duke losing to Mercer!
That Q was painful…sorry I caught up with the pax…and then had the misfortune of picking one of the larger stumps…of course Jamboree & Champagne followed me like lemmings off the cliff.
Enjoyed it fellas. Not really. Sort of.
Great crew at Centurion this morning with 3 FNGs to Centurion!

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