Hydra fun handout

Hydra fun handout

2 ran in, 1 did a pre-kettlebell warmup but when the 5:30 bell sounded, ten faithful began the fun handout. It went something like this:

Warmup: 2 Laps with 10 merkins after each lap and PLANK while waiting

COP at fields: SSH x 25, IW x 15, MC x 25, Diamond Merkins x 10

The Thang: Line it up for 50 yard There and Back Pyramids (5,10, 15, 20, 15, 10, 5)

THERE: Burpees, Heels to Heaven, Merkins, LBC’s x 5

BACK: Burpees, Heels to Heaven, Merkins, LBC’s x 10

THERE: Burpees, Heels to Heaven, Merkins, LBC’s x 15

BACK: Burpees, Heels to Heaven, Merkins, LBC’s x 20

THERE: Burpees, Heels to Heaven, Merkins, LBC’s x 15

BACK: Burpees, Heels to Heaven, Merkins, LBC’s x 10

THERE: Burpees, Heels to Heaven, Merkins, LBC’s x 5

BACK: Merkins x 20 and then PLANK while waiting


PLAYGROUND: Partner Up (10 Pullups, 20 Decline Merkins, 20 Old School Situps) FLAPJACK

CONCESSIONS: 30, 20, 10’s (30 Dips, 20 Step Ups, 10 Burpees) – 2 ROUNDS



THERE: LBC’s x 20

BACK: PLANK while waiting




46 minutes: That’s a wrap – 1 minute of overtime!

COUNT OFF – 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10


ANNOUNCEMENTS (get your Valentine’s Day reservations made!)

BALL OF MAN (take out by Gummy)


A tweet was sent out Wednesday that promised fun. YHC did his best to deliver. The fun we had doing a pyramid a couple of months ago was brought back for a repeat performance. Several of the pax missed the last go round so it was a first hydra there and back pyramid experience for them. The squish, squish, squish sound of the fields on a 32 degree morning made for a cold wet one while motoring through the There and Backs and made the LBCs and Heels To Heaven super wet gloomy fun. It was good to see Yankee back at ole Hydra.

On the day, we ended up rattling out 100 Burpees, Merkins, LBC’s and Heels to Heaven and traveled about 1.5 miles. Kirk and Hopper were strong out there on the pyramid and Mallcop was a machine as well considering he started at 0500 in a self-led Kettlebell workout (uh, okay you earned extra credit even though you rolled out at 0600 due to your corporate obligations). Considering Gummy bookended the workout with a 2 mile run in and run home, that was mighty strong today! Hacker came in for I believe his 3rd straight week of Hydra handout and showed he is a force to be reckoned with as he has been F3’ing it for over a year…how many months has it been Hacker since your first post to The Rock. Gecko was his usual force and High Tide who has the shortest distance to travel to OP came rolling in LATE. I believe it was to avoid the warm-up laps as High Tide has mad it known he is not a fan of running. Come on High Tide, it’s not so bad. Gullah came to play at Hydra. I think he felt bad for putting me through one mega pain handout on Saturday at Olympus. That is a great kettlebell workout with cardio sprinkled in. No joke and a Saturday workout everyone should post for and check out!

The pyramid zapped energy out of the gate and the pax held on to complete the game plan. The final touch of a 2-minute plank showed that planking is no joke. An article in Men’s Health last week identified three tests to determine life expectancy and how passing them is a sign of strong core. They are: 2-minute perfect plan (straight line back and legs with arms fully extended), your waist line is no more than 1/2 your height,  and you can sit down on floor and get back up without using hands, elbows, arms…Try them out. I tweeted this article out last weekend if you follow me on twitter @jasonhilliard

It was a privilege leading the pax today. I have been doing an every 3 week rotation for a bit and have others stepping in on the 2nd and 3rd weeks. We have workout Q’s booked up through March but have openings I will be looking to fill in Apr, May, June in coming weeks. Let me know if you are interested in leading a Hydra workout. Gummy joined the Hydra Q rotation and laid out a great one a couple of weeks ago. Donkey Kong is co-site Q and comes to smack folks around pretty good on his days and 49er, our long lost co-site Q has been seen recently crawling out of his cave from winter hibernation and will be leading Hydra soon.

Well, that’s a wrap. Until the next gloom,




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10 years ago

Great workout, Bug! We did 1.5 miles during the workout just running back and forth on the field. Pretty strong considering all the burpees, merkins and core stuff we did. That pyramid was brutal.

10 years ago

Good stuff, Bug. I think the second set of 15 on that pyramid was the worst followed by the leg throwdowns. I had the distance at 1.28, so I think you’re definitely in the right range.

Reply to  Kirk
10 years ago

“leg throwdowns”…let’s call them Prairie Fire Mary.
Sounded painful fellas – Bugeater bringin’ the “There & Back’s”

will try to post again at Hydra soon

High Tide
10 years ago

Tough one, Bug, esp the Burpees within the pyramid. I would have gladly substituted most anything for those! I think I dislike burpees even more than running!

And, speaking of running, I had considered running in to Hydra, but I barely escaped the fartsack this morning. Whenever I do finally run in, everyone will be shocked. And I’ll need help throughout the rest of the workout…

When you send out the Hydra schedule, I’ll be sure to sign up to Q. Maybe there will even be some moseying involved…

Thanks for leading today, Bug

Reply to  High Tide
10 years ago

HT, don’t you live betweeen the school and Providence Rd? Let me know when you’re running in and I’ll meet you on Rea on the way by.

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