The Dyslexic, Lamented, and Reloaded Weinke

The Dyslexic, Lamented, and Reloaded Weinke

15 men rose to embrace the suck at Centurion this morning. YHC got a late night email asking for a Q. Our centurion brethren needed some spirit filled reminders of the season and how better to give that than with a 12 days of christmas ladder and bricks! With precious little time I packed up the family truckster and set up for The Lamented Weinke” reloaded. (YHC like’s bricks apparently)

The Thang: grab bricks and follow me.

COP (in cadence w/bricks)
SSH x 20
IW x 20
Seal Jack x 20
Slow Squat x 20
Arm Circles x 20 (front 10/back 10)
Merkins x 20

Thoroughly warmed up, YHC brought on the weinke. 12 Days Christmas Ladder w/bricks (again, but this time in cadence and in descending order or dyslexic – according to Hops) Double the fun.

Push Presses x 12 (in cadence)
Arm Raises x 11(in cadence)
Mountain Climbers x 10 (in cadence)
Flutters x 9 (in cadence)
Protractor 180 x 8 count
Rosalitas x 7 (in cadence)
Protractor 45 x 6 count
Man Maker Merkins x 5 (in cadence)
Mission Impossible x 4 count
Mission Impossible Peter Parkers x 3 (in cadence)
Exploding Merkins x 2 (in cadence)
8 Count Body Builder Merkin x 1

Only a few mins for some more Ab-tastic work.

Groiners x 12 (in cadence)
Rock Hoppers x 12 (in cadence)
LBC x 12 (in cadence)

YHC got less than creative recycling a work out from Anvil Wednesday. But that’s what happens at the last minute. Good stuff regardless. Abacus was cuss’n when he saw the same bricks from Anvil. Double the fun when we use in cadence count to 12, 11, 10 etc… YHC will remember that for the next time. Mumblechatter was low as we moved past a few rounds of shoulder smoking presses and raises and core repeats 9, 8, 7, 6. We didn’t move much, but we accomplished a lot. Close to 500 shoulders, 500 abs, and 100 merkins if my math is right. Always a privilege to lead at Centurion.

Skunkvergence 12/24/13 – InfoBlast on it’s way??
Joe Davis 5k – 1/4/14 (convergence before)
BRR sign ups are gearing up. See Baracus
1/10/14 F3 Movie Night – Lone Survivor – Stonecrest
1/11/14 Convergence celebrating “the Murph” for Lone Survivor’s Michael P. Murphy

Ball of Man led by Hops

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10 years ago

That workout hurt.
Biggest concern of the morning, however, was when our Q started undressing somewhere between day 9 & 8, I think. Had it gone much further – the Centurion pax would no longer be welcome at CCHS.
About 1/2 way through the painfest, Chelms said something akin to: “When did Centurion become a gear workout?” He was simply vocalizing what the runners in the pax – Frasier, Jamboree, et al – were already thinking.
BTW, should I be concerned I can’t raise my hands above my shoulders?
Feliz Navidad.

Chelms aka Tatertot
10 years ago

I knew bricks would be involved and actually it’s easier standing in one spot for 45 minutes with the brick versus running around with them. We can have a stand in place gear work-out periodicaly at Centurion – maybe next December 19?

Udder – 15 in the PAX is borderline on needing a cheat sheet for the names but I’ll give you credit for adding “(aka tater tot”) since I didn’t scribble that down.

10 years ago

Sorry for the last minute hand off brothers! The new inserts seem to be doing the trick. I plan to come back strong, but I have sung that song before. YHC has been humbled by this experience. ” success is polish for the sword, but failure is flame for the forge”, Aye brothers! I have had time to develop plenty of pain on my return.

Iron sharpens Iron…

Reply to  Escargot
10 years ago

Escargot – AYE “success is polish for the sword, but failure is flame for the forge”. I’m with you and praying too. Cant wait for the return.

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