Crabcake for Thanksgiving breakfast

Crabcake for Thanksgiving breakfast

3 or 4 shovel flags from Area51 were planted through the frosty ground, and 60 Turkey-craving warriors (incl 12 FNGs) set out following Crabcake for a Thanksgiving beatdown.


Crabcake Q:

Jog to field and circle up

In cadence:
SSH x20.  Merkins x20
IW x20.     Merkins x10
Squats x20. Merkins x5
Partner up, size matters for partner carry and pain
Pick up partner 5 squats, run to middle 5 squats, flapjack partners 5 squats run to end 5 squats.  Repeat on the way back.
All do Merkins x10 in cadence
Carry partner to center, both 15 wide arm Merkins, flapjack partners carry to other end both 15 Merkins. Repeat partner carry back with 15 Merkins at center and end
P1- run to center 15 diamond Merkins.  P-2 LBCs. Flapjack
P-1 run to center 15 close grip Merkins. P-2 burpees. Flapjack
P-1 run to center 15 reg Merkins.            P-2 plankorama


Hops Q:


Karaoke Left 1/2 way across pitch, Karaoke Right other 1/2

Count off by 2’s to form two relay teams

Ninja Turtle respectfully retrieved 4 shopping bags filled with 4.7lbs (approx.) of canned goods.  See Moleskine for a bit of elaboration.

Each team member would run with one bag in each hand to midfield then back while rest of team did various plank, pushes or Mary work.

Can’t remember all the exercises nor the # of reps we did, but definitely included the following:

CDDs, Flutters, Dollys, Christian Laettner’s and other sundry and unsavory plankwork, squats, 6-count cadence burpees.

McGee, by no means a total stranger to Area51, stepped up to lead a couple painful exercises.  One was called Barishnikovs and can’t remember the other.  T-claps to McGee for helping YHC out.  Good to see you in the southlands again brother.

Forgot to penalize the losing squad, but frankly didn’t even pay attention to who won.

Mosey to parking lot.

Backwards run, Lungewalks, High Knees, Bear Crawl and then AYG run back to starting lot.

CCVs x 13R and 13L

Hand-release merkins x 20



Crabcake put the shtank on the pax with too many merkins to count.  He was going for 390ish so to equal the number of years since the Pilgrims scaled the first rock in what would be America one day.  YHC did not do his part to get us to the number.  Sorry Crabcake, but YHC was both smoked and forgetful.

The 4.7lbs in each bag is the average amount of food an American eats every day.  Thought that would be a good reminder of how God meets our every need….every day.  We are blessed to live and work where we do men.  But it was also a reminder that on many days, especially Thanksgiving, that we eat more than we need.  Proverbs 30: 8-9 reads: “Keep falsehood and lies far from me; give me neither poverty nor riches, but give me only my daily bread.  Otherwise, I may have too much and disown you and say, ‘Who is the Lord?’  Or I may become poor and steal, and so dishonor the name of my God.”

Loud T-claps to the pax who brought food for Calvary Church’s pantry for low-income families.  And special recognition to Chelms, Leroy & Deep Dish who contributed prior to today as they couldn’t post this morning. M. Deep Dish actually drove to YHC’s home to drop off their contribution – strong!#gratitudebegetsgenerosity

Some of the best new nicknames were doled out this morning.  Special recognition to Dolphin for his obscure knowledge of random things.  And whoever came up with “Amelia Earhart” — that was gold brother.  Great to have 12 FNGs with us – and for those of you out-of-towners – come back soon…and start an F3 group in your town!

At the risk of being too wordy (YHC often guilty of that) – I will simply say I am thankful the Lord has brought many new friends and brothers into my life through F3.  I honestly didn’t think I was lacking for 2nd F or 3rd F in my life (knew full well I needed 1st F); but I was lacking — so thanks to all of you guys for the encouragement, fellowship, friendship and accountability.

Let’s give thanks today for the Giver of all good gifts, not just for the gifts themselves.  Aye!




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Iron Horse
Iron Horse
10 years ago

Great lead from both Q’s – good writeup Hops, and a good round of FNG naming to close us out. Excellent way to start the day!

10 years ago

Great job leading today fellas. That was a solid workout and my arms and shoulders were smoked. Great time with everyone. Strong prayer taking us out too Hops. I believe Skywalker came up with Amelia Earhart. Very solid name for the FNG. Blessed and thankful for the F3 brotherhood. We should all remember 1 Thessalonians 5:18 and “…give thanks in all circumstances…”

Hair Band
10 years ago

Great job guys, my legs were already a little sore from some work yesterday and the partner carries pushed me over the edge… Advil is my friend now.

First time ever putting in a workout on Thanksgiving but I guess that is what F3 will do to you. So worth it.

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