It’s Called SuperSet For A Reason

It’s Called SuperSet For A Reason

28 men showed up this morning to pound it out on the #F3Anvil. We did a few things that made us sweat.

The Thang

Run over to the B parking lot area for COP:

  • SSHs – 20 cadence
  • Push-o-rama Superset – 5 cadence each of Diamond, Narrow, Regular, Wide-Arm then CDDs
  • IWs – 20 cadence
  • Reverse Push-o-rama Superset – 5 cadence each of CDDs, Wide-Arm, Regular, Narrow then Diamond
  • Squats – 20 cadence
  • Push-o-rama Superset
  • LBCs – 20 cadence
  • Reverse Push-o-rama Superset…barely (more on this below)

Run to the front entrance off Rea Road.  Partner up (size does not matter) at the bottom.

  • Partner A – run up the hill to the light post at the front of the Church
  • Partner B – burpees
  • Flapjack until you reach 100 total
  • Plank-o-rama…led by Runstopper

Run to the back entrance off Rea Road for work on the hill.  Same partners. Start at the top.

  • Partner A – run down, run up, run down, bear crawl up
  • Partner B – called exercise     Round 1 – Jump Squats     Round 2 – Flutters     Round 3 – Merkins
  • Flapjack
  • Plank     Round 1 – Chair Plank     Round 2 – Plank (with some 6 inches)     Round 3 – 10 count recover

Run back to the launch point for a little bit of Mary.

  • Dollies – 20 cadence. Hold ’em. Spread ’em (several out of control remarks from the Pax about the call to “Spread ’em”). Together. Spread ’em. Together. Drop ’em.



  • Sometimes you try things in a workout that have not necessarily been field tested and what looks good on paper doesn’t quite translate to reality.  The superset-o-rama was just that this morning.  The ladder up during round 3 proved most difficult.  The ladder down during round 4 was disastrous, with poor form and struggle abound by the Pax.  And YHC was so smoked, he tried to cut it short, for the sake of his teeth, and bag the last 5 cadence diamonds…but, in true F3 fashion, the Pax would have none of it…so we did them anyway. #ItsCalledSuperSetForAReason
  • Let’s face it…running uphill after doing burpees is a lethal combination.  Absolutely nothing fun about it.  But it was a good push by all the Pax.  Special thanks to Runstopper (#burpeemachine), who finished the burpees with his partner ahead of everyone else of course, for leading the plank-o-rama…had the Pax complaining about a Q jack.
  • The hill of the back entrance to Calvary never disappoint.  It looks short until you start running up it…or worse, start bear crawling up it.  The exercises on the hill today did prove inspiring to at least one of the Pax…with Bananas declaring his Hard Commit for the next Go Ruck Challenge.  Dora, he’s all yours.
  • No one actually begged for 0615 as YHC predicted in his pre-blast tweet…but Radar did call for mercy after just one set of Mary, claiming it was 0614 and we didn’t have time for anything else.  For his sake, YHC relented. #You’reWelcome
  • Props to 6 (TR, TL, Bug, Brew, Baracus & StoneCold) of YHC’s #F3BRR teammates for running it in from the ABC store at the Arbo…3 miles in with a little detour and 2 miles back.  YHC played tennis last night and didn’t join them…and was called Chris Evert first thing this AM by TR.  The edification one gets from being a part of a team is truly wonderful.
  • Like every workout YHC has ever been to where Semi-Gloss is also there, as we are waiting to start, he’s walking back from the on-site facilities. #Clockwork. The cargo jettison makes him extra fast…but the man must have no privacy at home.


  • #F3RebelYell launches at 0530 tomorrow morning at PoloRidge Elementary.  Spackler and Crabcake are site-Qs and will be leading the way in the inaugural beatdown.
  • Labor Day convergence at South Charlotte Middle School – 0700
  • HDHH tonight – 0600 at Vintner’s and The Lodge

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10 years ago

Nice lead today Haze. You are growing under my tutelage. Much to learn still. Nice co Q Runstopper. If Bananas is doing the GRC then I am dusting my Ruck off and letting him borrow it. Bet you thought I was gonna say something different there. Good numbers for Anvil too.

10 years ago

I believe you may have misheard me brother. Those bearcrawls were a friendly reminder why I limit my workouts to 45 minutes, 1 hour on Saturday, and not 12 hours… You were a beast today, great job!

10 years ago

Saw @MallCop in the overstreet yesterday. You may have to rename him to or @TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsMallCop. Just saying . . .

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