The Rock, The Pretty Boy Quarterback, and the tallest flag in F3 History

The Rock, The Pretty Boy Quarterback, and the tallest flag in F3 History

The shovel flag was planted and another flag was hoisted about 40 feet in the air by Down Range who was in town again from Fort Bragg.  36 non-fartsackers then took off for a full trek around the enormity of The Rock campus.

Pretty Boy Quarterback’s Q (his 1st Q!):

Side straddle hop x 25
Slow squat x 15
Imperial walker x 20
Merkin X 15

Run to front field
Starfish -4 stations
20x- merkins, squat jumps, diamond merkins, Carolina dry docks
5 burpees in middle

Run to top of entrance 4
Everyone grabs a rock
3 rounds
Overhead arm extension lunge walk up hill
Overhead arm extension backward lunge walk up hill
Sprint up hill w/rock extension in front

Hops Q:

Indian run to pavilion

People’s chair for 90 sec.

10 decline merkins on the wall

People’s chair for 90 sec.

Rock Hill Triples (diff. version of Jack Webbs): 4 Dips, 1 Decline merkin; 8 dips, 2 decline merkins; 12 dips, 3 decline merkins; 16 dips, 4 decline merkins; 20 dips, 5 decline merkins

10 Jump Ups, 10 Flutters; Rinse and repeat 3x

Mosey to bottom of hill at end of pitch

Bear Crawl up hill, 5 burpees at top, Jog down, 5 wide arm merkins

Repeat with 4 burpees, 4 wide arms, 3 burpees, 3 wide arms, etc

Mosey to parking lot

Karaoke, switching 1/2 way

Jail brake to main lot

5 MoM

Dolly x 13, slow with good form; hold when finished

Freddy Mercury x 13

Ski Abs x 13 in cadence

High Slow Flutter x 13, very slow with good form



Lots of wrinkles in the playbook at The Rock this morning.  First one was Down Range bringing a flag and hoisting it 40 feet in the air (some sort of beach flag thing)…rolled his right front tire over it to hold it in place.  Nice addition to the morning’s festivities.

Also, Ray Charles (still technically on the DL with a knee, but did what he could – T-claps) saw a dead buck laying just down from entrance 4.  Apparently it was a 6-point, so he calls Pretty Boy Quarterback to bring a saw to liberate the antlers from the beast’s skull after the workout.  Strong!  That’s going above/beyond for the QIC!  See twitter pic posted by Salt Lick.

Great group this morning at The Rock.  T-claps to Checkpoint for the DoubleDown, and one of our other 3 (respect) 50+ pax – Iron Horse led the gear pre-work from 6:15-6:45 – Aye!

Saw some strong efforts today – Blitzen is bringing it with smoke boots on the indian run.  Joker and Salt Lick were out front on the Starfish work.  PBQB had the pax silenced with that one early on.  Some of the Area51 regulars felt right at home at The Rock with the Starfish.  By the way, how many piled out of the Area51 Clown Car?  Impressive.

Also – a few of the pax disappeared prior to COT:  Donkey Kong, Busch and his 2.0’s, others?  Sound off in comments as to your whereabouts?

T-claps to Pretty Boy Quarterback on his first Q.  Nice work brother – the Starfish and hill work were unsavory – much mumblechatter, especially from Bugeater who was moaning about this oversized rock.


Signup for F3 Dads camp at Camp Thunderbird today!

Area51 T-shirt orders (2nd round) due soon – order one or two today.



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10 years ago

Hard to believe that was @PBQ’s #VQ, after all this time. He may be eligible for the #SweeperBoyDelayedVQAward

Pretty Boy Quarterback
Pretty Boy Quarterback
Reply to  Dredd
10 years ago

I wanted to wait until I was married first.

10 years ago

I think my mumble chatter may have been Mis-interpreted. I simply stated (an observation) how it was interesting how my rock was several times the size of hops and mall cop. My next mumble chatter may have been confused with a moan when I exerted a bit more effort to assist mall cop and hops in hoisting their little rocks over their head. The last mumble chatter I may have been involved with was actually probably mall cop who was vocally recognizing my near perfect form on the flutter kicks and Freddy mercuries.

Iron Horse
10 years ago

Correction: B Emmrich F3 name was declared ” shark bait”, not Hang Ten.
Excellent welcome workout for my 2.0!

Iron Horse
10 years ago

Understood – we’ll think of a suitably humbling name – hang ten is too nice…….Chum?

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