Heart Attack Pace = AWOL Dora

Heart Attack Pace = AWOL Dora



16 Pax show for a fast paced circuit around the big Pink church. (Should have been 17)

The Thang

  • Quick Pace Jog around the lot
  • 20 SSH
  • 20 High Knees
  • 21 Butt Kicks

Quick Jog over to the the hill ( soccer fields) for 11’s timed- Pax have 6 minutes to complete or penalty exercise

  • Top of the Hill- Merkin Jacks
  • Bottom of the Knees Tuck Jumps
  • Time limit 6 min.-  FAIL – 25 burpees

Line up For Indian Sprints up 51 to Rea Rd intersection- 2 mins to complete

  • Indian Sprint
  • Time Limit 2 min – FAIL – 40 Burpees

Line up for 150 yard sprint across the field in front of the Church – 

  • Time Limit 30 Secs- PASS 

Jog Over to the Hill (North Face) 5 minutes to complete 3 rotations of the following

  • Bottom 20 deep squats
  • Top- High Jumps
  • Time Limit – PASS barely

Line Up for Indian Sprints- 2 minutes to get to Rea Road entrance hill

  • YHC calls Jail Break 50 yards out (we were not going to make it) PASS

Gather at the Top of the Hill and partner up

  • P1 runs down the hill and bear crawls up
  • P2 Ski Abs until they get back
  • Rotate
  • Repeat
  • Time Limit 2 mins- PASS

Next- All Pax to the bottom of the hill

  • P1 partner drags P2 halfway up
  • P2 partner drags P1 the remainder

Quick Run back to starting point and circle up for Mary

  • 50 Flutters
  • 1 minute of Ski Abs all out


So the morning started with me reading a late night text from Dora saying I may not make it. Something hurts…. blah blah blah. Keep in mind he has been telling me daily since Monday he would be there Wend. Must still be hiding under the covers with Go Ruck PTSD. Get back in the fight Dora- as we heard a thousand times Friday/Saturday.

YHC tweeted a Heart Attack Pace pre blast and thats what we did. We moved fast the whole time and were pretty much nonstop. Not much talking out there. Becky, posted 3 months ago for the first time and never showed his face again until today. (5 minutes late) Welcome back brother.

Props to Geraldo for manning up and letting us know he didnt complete the initial 11s in the allotted time. We did the penalty and moved on. Integrity- I like it

Bulldog mentioned that Bananas was puking after the first Indian Sprint. I asked Bananas about it and he said Bulldog was just jealous of him and trying to make him look weak. Lovers quarrels are fun to watch.

Welcome to FNG Ryan D. aka Jebadiah. It was a real sad attempt at names today and I think we all left a little disappointed in that effort. Name Change guaranteed at the next post. Sound off in the comments with ideas.

Nice work by all and the effort was great. I like the time element because you got to see people really push when time got low. Thanks for letting me lead as always.




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10 years ago

Shhhhhh! My vagina still hurts…

10 years ago

Radar – this is a smoker (can’t say I’m sorry I missed it) – sounds like you may still have GORUCK angst to work out of your system with all of time limits and penatlies. Way to bring the pain and I like the team work aspect.

10 years ago

Church hasn’t been pink for years…but who cares when you can’t breathe. Smokefest – nice work Radar.
Thought we had 7 min for 11’s…we were robbed! Changed rules midway? Integrity?
Long overdue return to NorthFace = good call…in fact, The Rock pax will be back there this Saturday. Can a backwards bear crawl be done on NorthFace?!

Jedediah name change to: Count Chocula

10 years ago

Radar you were tough to keep up with pal and a lot quicker without the ruck. That was a smoker for sure. Nothing like north face in the dark. I was thinking Whiplash for your chiropractor buddy…That was definitely a poor display of wit from all in the naming cermony.

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