Tennis Anyone?

Tennis Anyone?

The Shovel flag was not planted (more on that in Moleskine), but 35 (1 other to come later – see Moleskin) pax set off for another painful tour of The Rock with Bananas on Q.

The Thang:

Bananas on Q:

2 minute jog to COP
SSH x20
Merkins x20
Imperial Walkers x20
Indian run 2 laps around perimeter of multiple pitches (1/2 mile approx. each lap)
Merkin pyramid by 2s (with 5 sec. plan in between in each set)
8 stations 25 yds apart
5 Merkins out every 25 yds, 5 LBCs back every 25 yds
5 CDDs out every 25 yds, 5 flutters back every 25 yds
Bear crawl up the hill at end of pitch, plank at top, then backwards bear crawl downhill; Rinse & Repeat

Hops Q:

YHC randomly numbered about 40 tennis balls with numbers ranging from 10 to 100.

The 9 2.0s would retrieve a tennis ball from 20 yards to 100 yards away while the rest of the pax planked.

The # on the tennis ball determined how many reps of each exercise we would do.

First ball picked up by Hot Shot had “100” on it!  Random I promise though I suspect the pax doesn’t buy that.  May have the numbers and order of events wrong below, but they’re roughly accurate…

100 (give or take) Groiners

54 Squats – slow single count cadence, correct form

25 Elbow Plank Jacks

25 partner decline merkins

13 CCVs

13 Partner Tunnel Jumps (Partner 1 planks while Partner 2 jumps over then crawls under Partner 1); flapjack

24 Praire Fire Mary’s (aka leg throws)

15 Peter Parkers

13 Burpees

12 Hand Raise Merkins

Jog 1/4 mile to COT with high knees and lunge walks mixed in



Great group today.  Strong work men.  And welcome to FNG Shadow (Ethan B.) who joined his brother Supersonic and dad Lost Weekend.

Special thanks to Purple Haze for requisitioning the tennis balls for YHC. They’ll be back soon at a workout near you.

This backblast would not be complete without mentioning MallCop’s 2nd day in a row of showing up late to a workout.  Blamed it on his alarm clock…..  To add insult to injury – he failed to plant the shovel flag in his late haste to join the pax, thus, YHC ordered 13 extra burpees for the Segway Pilot prior to COT.  DK, Skywalker and a couple others joined MallCop for the extra burpees.

Truly was random that the first ball picked up by Hot Shot was one of two “100” balls in the bag.  Unlucky and unsavory.  The pax was none too pleased.  Safe to say the elbow plank jacks were crowdpleasers along with the groiners.

Bananas bear crawls and backward bear crawls drew much mumblechatter as well.

Pretty sure Briquette was with us to start but disappeared.  Can any of the pax confirm?  Briquette – you ok brother?

Great work men – we stayed on the pitch (aka soccer field(s) the whole time; but I think a sufficient amount of pain was administered by Bananas and YHC.  The merkin ladder is sneaky painful – good call Bananas for some early pain and O2 deprivation.


F3 Dads camp for 2.0s of both genders – Aug. 16-18.  Plenty of room, so sign up.  Info on website.  Cost is very reasonable – ~$85 per attendee includes all meals, activities, A/C-equipped cabins, etc.

Psycho T’s farewell tour (moving to Colorado) makes stops at DMZ and DV this week with Psycho T bringing his unique brand of pain to the pax.  We’ll miss you brother.

MallCop still has 20ish Area51 shirts if you’ve not gotten yours yet.





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10 years ago

Great job lads. Music, refreshments, and a tough old workout…great way to start a weekend. Thanks for setting it up

10 years ago

Sorry wrong workout but this looks like a doozie too!

Strange Brew
10 years ago

Passport (fka Briquette) was there to start but had to dart early to attend a wedding.

10 years ago

Thanks Hops and Hot Shot for the 100 ball on groiners. Just had my first ever hip cramp getting ready for church.

10 years ago

Good to be missed, Hops!

Thanks to ‘Brew for relaying my hall pass. Saturday was Stone (pre-Rock) plus 1/2 Rock (never been so happy to see 7:30am arrive in my life!!!).

11am wedding out-of-town meant I had to complete any workout possible plus the 35 drive home before 8:15a to have any hope that Mrs Passport would let me continue to live in “her” humble abode!

Thanks for checking,
Passport (fka Briquette)

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