Foxhole Begins

Foxhole Begins

9 PAX including 1 FNG – Yeager (Eric R.) answered the call to muster at the Foxhole for the inaugural downPAINment.  It was a great intro for the Sons of Ballantyne to the world of kettle bells and the location offers many options for the weeks ahead to dish out some serious pain to the PAX. 

The Thang: 

Honey Bee Lead:

Warm-up COP in front of school

– SSH x 30

– Prisoner Squats x 20

– IW x 30

– Perfect Burpees (4-count) x 10 

Partner up for catch me if you can to other parking lot by fields (KB size matters)

– 5 merkin jacks then catch partner

Tiger Rag Lead:

Circle up for Tutorial-o-Rama: How to Swing a Bell

– Two handed swing x 20

– One handed swing x 10 each arm

– Rack the KB to chest and down x 10 each arm

– Various demonstrations of what not to do and how to be a kettle bell master

Then to apply the learning…

– Two handed swing x 20

– One handed swing x 10 each arm

– Clean and press x 10 each arm

– Snatch x 10 each arm 

Market Timer Lead:

– LBJ with bells up to the elementary hill

– Start: Mountain climbers x 20, up and down hill, then 2 hand overhead press x 20

– Plank, 6 inches, Plank, Recover

– Start: Knee ups x 20, up and down hill, then upright rows x 20

– Plank, 6 inches, Plank, Recover

To the fields, find your partner

– Partner 1: Bear crawl 15 yds, Partner 2: Lunge walk with both bells

– Flap jack, with partner going 35 yards (questionable distance calculation)

– Partner 1: crab walk 25 yards, Partner 2: Farmers’ carry both bells, then alternating press until Partner arrives

– Flap jack 25 yards 

Line it up for some Mary

– Dolly with KB press x 15

– Flutter with KB press x 15

– LBC with no KB x 15

Head back to parking lot for COT 

The Naked Moleskin:

It was a great launch of Foxhole with a group of Ballantyne’s finest.  The “how to swing a kettle bell” tutorial by TR was good for those new to kettle bells and a good refresher for those who may have been doing it for a while.  Thank you TR for coming out to get us started off right and thanks to the other PAX that travelled in for the kickoff. 

9 PAX was good but I know we have some other SOB’s that were missed out there.  Come on out, YHC will have an extra bell this week and Champagne has a whole fleet of bells to choose from.  He said he can bring them if needed (although beware if he offers the 55 pounder – ouch).  

Welcome to FNG Eric R. (Yeager).  He said he is primarily a runner but was handy with a bell out there.  We look forward to seeing him out for some more pain in the future.  (We have also started the recruitment efforts to get him on the Bagpipes team).  Also, I wonder if he is the first EH by a non-PAX since he got referred by someone who had only heard how great F3 is.  Aye! 

Overall, it was a great day in the gloom.  See you next week for another downPAINment.   

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Mighty Mite
11 years ago

Great launch today, brothers! Skunk Works is a long drive for me so I’ve been really excited ever since I learned that a gear workout would be starting up so close to me and today didn’t disappoint. This looks like it will be a great site with plenty of nice parking lot areas and some awesome turf fields that give habitual rainy day fartsackers no excuse to miss a post.

I’m going to order my kettle bell tonight and I’m looking forward to the pain that Market Timer and Honeybee have planned in the coming weeks.

11 years ago

Nice work getting this kicked off by Market Timer and Honey Bee, the only Pax that I am aware of that is named after a defunct NBA dance team. Great site, too. I spied a a hill there, the mother of all hills. If I ever Q there, bring the harnesses and ‘biners.

I was going for Yeager with our FNG as in “Chuck, experimental pilot.” I can see your mind went right to other things.

Was it me, or were there a disproportionate number of bald guys out there today?

Looking forward to seeing this one blow up. Way to go, men. (But you still should have called this Irritable Bell, by the way.)

Mic Check
11 years ago

Sounds like a successful launch by Honey Bee and Market Timer. Nice job guys. I look forward to joining my fellow Ballantyne brothers for some K-Bell work. I need to order one asap.

11 years ago


Stone Cold
Stone Cold
11 years ago

Nice launch at a very nice facility. Mumblechatter this am around how those bonds that we vote for or against on the ballot paid for the place. Great turf field, so nice on the paws during bear crawls. Come on out, you SOBs, and support your SOBs. Save $ on shampoo, go bald! #bluemangroup

11 years ago

Great marketing material… “calling all SOBs”… or, “this is the best bald-guy workout in town”… so much to work with…

All kidding aside… looks like this workout is going to be strong.

11 years ago

Great job to all Q’s this am – nice launch and nice to have a gear workout closer to the house, plus I feel right at home with all the other bald heads. God only made a few perfect heads and on all the others he put hair.

And must agree with Stone Cold the bear crawl didn’t suck so bad on a nice cushiony astro turf field. The AO for Foxhole is awesome and holds a lot of potential.

11 years ago

Great launch this morning Honeybee and Market Timer. Sounds like this site has a lot of promise as we grow the number of SOB’s for other workouts as well. Aye

Market Timer
Market Timer
11 years ago

Great launch today. Looking forward to getting more SOBs down there. Turf field has potential to make us soft. Future postings will include broken bottles, gravel, and crabgrass like all other AOs to keep us honest. Shaved heads recommended but not required to post.

Mighty Mite
11 years ago

Just ordered my KB from Amazon for a hair under 50 bucks with all of the shipping and handling. Now my only question is how much I have to pay Tiger Rag to paint it red and white with the NC State block S?

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