Road Trip

Road Trip

Thirty one flavors of pax came to the new site for some old-fashioned pain.

Mosey to the Barnes & Noble parking lot for a nod toward a warm up.  Approx. 1/4 mile.

  • Mountain climbers x 20
  • Stop motion merkins x10 (hold 6″ or plank until Q calls for move to other)
  • IW x 25

Mosey to bottom of hill on Windbluff Rd in Raintree.  Take scenic route.  [Note to self: 6 ft fence not visible in Google maps.]  Aprrox. 3/4 mile.

  • Jacob’s Ladder (Modified) x 5.  2n burpees at top.
  • Don’t have elevation gain and loss but it it was about 150 yds long and plenty steep.
  • Pax related to Erasmus B. Dragon encouraged to audible to 3x ascent.

Mosey to the chocolate pond behind Vintner’s.  Approx 3/4 mile.

  • Plank-O-Rama
  • Dips on benches x 20

Mosey back to base, pick your plate(s).  Approx 1/4 mile.

  • Hairburner stations.  Pax 1 on plate x 40 yards; Pax 2, 3, 4 do two abs and a leg exercise while waiting.  Dealer’s choice until all pax have been on plate 3x.
  • Inchworm stations:  Rotate through plate I-worms x 10 yards until all pax hit them twice.  Various exercises and lounging about while waiting.  You know who you are.



  • Skywalker’s bad back left the Q up for grabs.  Since we ran out of time last week before getting to hairburners, it was only appropriate that we finished the work week on the right note this time around.
  • The original plan was to attack the hills on Providence between between the fire station and Latin but I was concerned we’d have time for nothing else.  Hence the last minute change to the hill on Windbluff, a favorite on my usual running route.  Similar in length and steepness to Mega Tool behind Freedom.  In other words, a great place for a Jacob’s ladder.
  • With the rapidly swelling pax numbers there’s no choice but to bring out hairburners every few weeks to make sure all get a nose full of the sweet aromas.  You never know when I’ll open the hatch…Fear the Hatch.
  • Snakebite expressed his appreciation of the quick mosey with something to the tune of, “If I wanted to run by myself, I’d….[unintelligible, Q lost interest]”  Thought I didn’t make out the rest of his compliment, upon reflection I do feel bad for the length and speed of our moseys today and offer my heartfelt apology to him and anyone else that may have been bringing up the six:  I am sorry you are slow.
  • Apparently the telegraph at the Cottontail commune is down again…he somehow managed to miss every message the last three week, by every medium except interpretive dance, that Kevlar was off campus this week.  Your dogged determination to find us is matched only by your Amish-like disconnectedness from the digital world.  Get some dial up, Hezekiah.
  • Hoff made the mortal mistake of mentioning his Irritable Bowel condition, thus prompting an emergency meeting of the Naming Committee.  People are working on this….Look for the brown smoke from the Sistine Chapel to know when your new name is ready.
  • Bulldog with a double dose of emasculation this morning:  sporting the Euro-sac and riding the M’s bike in to the workout.  Just missing the CHOOSE LIFE shirt from the Wham! video to pull off the Euro-wuss hat trick.
  • TClaps to Busch for taking us out with a strong word of encouragement and prayer.


  • A51 Dads wraps up tomorrow with a bang.  T-Claps to Header and his team for leading the efforts.
  • We’ll take another run at mountain biking at Beatty this Sunday at 3 pm (washed out last week).  Meet at pavilion near the lake (over by soccer fields, not near 51/Dads location).  Bring your trail shoes–if it rains, we run.
  • There’s a pig pickin’ on July 13.  Evites and emails have gone out.  RSVP.  Someone print it out and put it under Cottontail’s windshield wiper.
  • July 4 A51 Convergence at S. CLT MS (Death Valley) from 0700 to 0800.  Foreigners welcome.

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10 years ago

Great lead TR, and fine post as always. This morning was evidence that a great F3 workout can be held at almost any location. Wal Mart parking lot… sure. Cinnebare parking lot… sure. Random streets in local neighborhood… why not.

10 years ago

Hard to believe Tiger Rag failed to mention Stone Cold wiping out inducing much bloodshed. Then Radar, acting more like Hawkeye Pierce, treated SC at his make-shift MASH tent….Ruckers leave no pax behind! Not like TR to leave someone out of the heckling.

The Hoff
10 years ago

Second that…awesome job as always Q…Stone Cold- i called the property manager and apparently there is no insurance coverage for people who spend time pushing 45lb plates on uneven/broke asphalt with their head down not looking where they are going…when the ruck starts in motion there is no stopping it!

10 years ago

I could have cycled in with a striped shirt, beret, and a baguette sticking out of my euro sac and you’d have some real ammo to use in the BB. You also must be a closet George Michael fan with all the references to Wham….
Hats off to Tackling Dummy for posting three times this week while visiting Charlotte with Harley. Also Semi Gloss was going strong on the plates. Cottontail did ever so well in tracking us down and I wasn’t aware that horse and buggies even had windshield wipers…As for the Hoff we may be banned from Chic Fil A next week as their hygiene rating took a hammering today!

Cheese Curd
Reply to  Bulldog
10 years ago

TR, although I have not posted for +3 weeks, the last time I saw you at the pool party, you were rocking trucker hat and a pretty busy shirt. I can not recall the detail, because I was trying not to get a seizure from all the colors. I think there were SEVERAL eagles! I am not sure you need to be giving fashion tips.

However, regardless or your questionable fashion, you can always deliver a solid beat down, which was demonstrated above. I do miss workouts like that.

See the SCLT pack soon!

10 years ago

Hoff took his weight vest off so he didn’t look to be wearing a bomb. But then he dropped bombs. Irony

Big League Chew
10 years ago

Hoff expressed concern about a potential name change. He’s worried it will be #Sh#t Storm…better him than me.

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