Another “Cop”-out?

Another “Cop”-out?

14 early risers gathered in the post-monsoon humidity to go for some nice jogging and enjoyable down-painments to start the day, unfortunately without Mall Cop who was missed today as he his recovering from some kind of kettlebell injury (despite his HC the evening prior).

The Thang


Quick jaunt down 51 and over to the back of Davie Park for some COP:

  • 30 SSH
  • 20 IW
  • 26 Squats
  • 15 Merkins
  • 16 SMCs

Blitz back over to the playground and pair-up for a SIMPLE circuit.  One man sprints down the hill from the playground to the gate, and sprint back up to the playground to switch off exercises with his partner, as follows:

  • Squats
  • Incline Merkins
  • Mary (pax choice)
  • Pull-ups
  • Lunges
  • Extra run (for those pairs out in front)

 Miscellaneous plank work throughout.

 Run back to the school for some Mary

  • 25 Dolly
  • 25 LBC


A number of FNGs to Fast Twitch workout today – glad to see everyone out there putting in a strong effort.   Apparently some of the new guys to this workout weren’t aware of the extra running angle, as on the jog over to Davie there could be heard desperate cries for some SSHs.  Luckily they got their wish and were treated to a long-awaited COP after the warm-up jog.     

The PAX seemed to be in good spirits today, but unfortunately it was a bit over-shadowed by the late scratch of Mall Cop who had to bow out due to a back injury (despite his HC via twitter Monday night).    Mall Cop was missed in person, but certainly not in spirit.  Ah yes, the jokes were flying, especially after his late showing last week at the end of the workout (of course he was running laps on the track since he had shown up late).  

Let’s take it easy here guys… of course it is easy to poke fun at Mall Cop for fartsacking two weeks in a row, especially when he is not there to defend himself.  I want to go on record and stand up for my fellow BRR runner.   This man deserves our respect, and I personally hold him in the highest regard.   We need to keep in mind that Fast Twitch is an intense workout that can instill fear and trepidation in even the most seasoned suburban shopping center security personnel.    However, he not only posted last week, he actually had to run windsprints around the track because Sprague’s neighborhood blitz just wasn’t going to be enough for his ultra-endurance.  This week, to ensure he would even get enough workout, he apparently got up to do some kind of midnight kettlebell extravaganza, which was so intense he may have even pulled a fallopian tube.  Seriously though, injuries are no laughing matter, and Mall Cop: we all feel for you and hope you recover from your injury quickly… so much so that the PAX were generous enough to pitch-in to buy you some prescription-grade Midol to ensure you can make it to Death Valley tomorrow.  Hope to see you there! 

Great effort by all… the Fast Twitch crew is expanding and will be well-prepared for the 1:1 competition vs. Bagpipe in a few weeks in the Fastest Workout in South Charlotte competition, coming soon to a neighborhood near you.


  • F3 Dads – every Saturday in June at 9am at Col. Francis Beatty Park.  Great turnout 40+ pax and 2nds last couple weeks. 
  • Area 51 Shirts now available:–CLT-South-Area-51_c_37.html
  • HDHH, Wednesday 6pm at Vintner Wine Market, Arboretum
  • may have missed some… feel free to comment below

TL out.

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11 years ago

Now that’s good humor, I don’t care who you are. We love ya MallCop…a nasty case of fartsackitis can be tough to overcome. Perhaps the TV fame has gone to your head.

Great Q by Turkey Leg. He, Fletch and 49’er were easy to follow…just followed the smoke trail. Yikes – fast twitch indeed. Will return for another dosage of pain soon.

Run Stopper
Run Stopper
11 years ago


Mall Cop
Mall Cop
11 years ago

Wow guys, I’ve never felt so much love from the pax! You just can’t get this kind of 2nd F and friendship working out next to a fern at the YMCA. You know you have a great bond with your buddies when they treat you with such respect and kind words. I want to thank each and every one of this mornings Fast Twitch pax for pitching in for some pain meds for me as it will come in handy today. I threw my 35 lb kettle bell around at home for a little strength training yesterday but I must have used bad form. I felt fine last night when Turkey Leg sent me a message to ensure I wouldn’t be 5 mins late this week as I was last week. Again, my brother looking out for me! However, when the alarm went off this morning and I started getting ready I realized how sore my lower back was from the throwing around the kettle bell and I sent TL a message that I would be taking the morning beatdown off.

Again I thank you all for the kind words, concern, and the accountability that you are holding me to and look forward to Fast Twitch next week!

11 years ago

Something tells me this lovefest will continue a little longer… So Mall Cop I’m guessing that you are out tomorrow as well?? Another stellar FT workout this morning. Nice job Turkey Leg!

Strange Brew
Strange Brew
11 years ago

Great workout today guys, well done Turkey Leg. Also have to admit that this was one of the funnier backblasts I’ve read in quite a while. I shall endeavour to not go Mallcopping about and mind my business on Twitter… seriously though, we love you MC, see you next week.

11 years ago


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