Day Zero – Launch Party- Dont Pull A Hammy

Day Zero – Launch Party- Dont Pull A Hammy

 13 highly motivated men showed up for a Memorial Day launch. Welcome to Day Zero 


The Thing

Mosey and Circle up for warm up

Q gives brief speech about launch dedication and Memorial Day. Something about keeping the meaning of the day in mind as you push through each workout and keeping the flag in front of us the whole time. No applause or tears. Need to work on my delivery 


20SSH (Cadence)


10 Merkin Jacks (Cadence)


20 High Knees (Cadence) 


Run to adjacent shopping center parking lot for pain stains. 


PS #1-10  Peter Parker Merkins

Bear Crawl 20-30 yrds


PS #2- 20 Deep Squat jumps (I think I saw a subtle smile from Tiger Rag when I demonstrated the deep squat with your fingers touching the bottom of your shoes. Probably not a smile. Probably just the sun)

Backwards Sprint 20-30 yrds


PS #3- 20 Sister Mary Catherines


                Sprint Back to the start



Repeat again 


Grab The Shovel Flag and head out for a run.


Ran around the block doing Indian Sprints (See Moleskin for highlight)


Last leg of the block is a big hill. 


Still Doing Indian Sprints however Qs switches Pax to lunge walks up the hill.


Once at the top of the hill we ran to the front of the school and lined up on the benches 


10 jump up Burpees


10 Decline Merkins with one leg up 


Repeat(Other leg up) 


Mosey to Back Fields. 


7s (Q had to call an audible here do to time. We got through 3 rotations)


Start- 1 Deep Squat with calf raise


High Crawl 10 Yards


Sprint 30 yards


           6- Turkish get up Burpees- (Tiger Rags first correction of the day “Those are deck squat burpees”)


                Sprint Back 


Mosey To another field




20 Ski abs


10 Carolina Dry Dock




Q calls Flutter Kicks in cadence and started doing Dollies- (Insert Tiger Rags second correction of the day. We did ten or so) 


Q walks out and Grabs The Shovel Flag and brings it back to center of COP- Another big speech about giving it all to those who gave it all for us. I liked that one- getting better at this 


Next Exercise 


100 Burpees- You Got 15 minutes


Mosey up to the AO

For some Mary-


                75 Dollies


                25 LBC 




We had a great turn out for this launch. Everyone was motivated and ready to get going. As we were waiting for the start Iptay let us know his M gave him a stern warning to save his energy for tonight. He gave us a little show of circle hip thrusts to let us know what he meant. Later he said he was talking about dancing. No one believed him. 13 minutes into workout, at the beginning of Indian Sprints Iptay lets out a little noise and grabs the back of his hamstring. Uh Oh. Sorry Iptays wife. He was able to recover and meet back up with us limping the whole way. Respect for fighting through 


All through the workout the men were motivated. Although quiet at times. The 100 burpee call at the end of the WO got me some dirty looks. Everyone made it and Zipadee did a great job of helping along some of the PAX. 


At the end of the Mary we got together and took a picture to capture the Launch of Day Zero. As we all know Tiger Rag is always on watch for good form. Apparently, he has some passion for photography as well, as he schooled us on proper lighting and getting the full advantage of the sun for the picture. 


Thank  you all for making this a great launch and for letting  me lead it. 


Purple Haze is QIC next week and I can only assume the hurt will continue 


Have a safe weekend 




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Purple Haze
10 years ago

Radar – Solid lead out there today. You punished the Pax in the inaugural Day Zero launch. And your speeches were terrific…sorry there were no tears…however those flowed later at the call for 100 burpees. Aye!

Definitely excited about Day Zero…thanks to the men who came out for the launch. Radar has set the bar high…so I am already planning a good time for next week. See you in the gloom!

10 years ago

Good work men. Successful launch indeed!

10 years ago

Correction #3: 75 Dolly’s in cadence is about 50 too many. Dang, son. #hollowleg

T-Claps to Radar and PHaze for launching this workout and t-claps to the men who supported it.

Some of the best grass in Area 51, I might add, and we did Mary in the parking lot…I like your style.

Big League Chew
10 years ago

Great launch and great job bringin’ the pain Radar. I like the potential of Day Zero…nice grass and lots of it….did I see sand bags scattered all over the place!!! Iptay get well soon and stretch those hammies before the action starts…

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