Crucify The QIC When The Flag Falls

Crucify The QIC When The Flag Falls

The shovel flag was thought to have been firmly planted (but apparently not firm enough for the wind) and 35 of Area 51’s finest ventured forth in the windy gloom to make a downPAINment on the day.


The Thang:

Mall Cop Lead:

Run to the launch pad for COP (all in cadence): SSH x 30, Imperial Wokkas x 25, Merkins x 15, Mt Climbers x 15, Squats x 25

Run to the base of the hill at the soccer fields for:

Jacobs Ladder with increasing burpees from 1 to 7 at the top.  Plank when done, Regular, left arm high, right arm high.

Run up & down the hill 5 times with squat jumps w/ knee tuck x 5 at top, merkins x 5 at the bottom.  Plank when done.

Backwards lunge walk up the hill, backwards lunge walk down the hill x 2. Get in a low squat and hold at bottom when done

130 yard combo as follows: 30 yard bear crawl, 30 yard crab walk, 30 yard lunge walk, 40 yard burpee broad jump.

130 yard sprint back to and up the Jacobs ladder hill and 40 flutter kicks at the top on your own.

Handoff to Donkey Kong.

Donkey Kong’s Lead:

Mosey to field & circle up.

20 burpees on your own.


Jack Webb ladder up to 7 and back down.

2-column Indian run to back parking lot/ball field area.

5 burpees on your own.

Split into groups of 5-6 for Parking Space Suicides – each group starts at the end of a parking row and runs out and back suicides to each white line up to 20 parking spaces. (Crowd pleaser)

Mosey over to baseball field, avoiding the ant hills.

Flutter kicks x 40 & 10-count hold, LBC

The return of Jack Webb’s – starting with 8 push-ups / 32 arm raises and working down to 1 push-up / 4 arm raises.

Run to picnic tables past the shovel flag (someone in the pax notices it’s been blown over by the wind) and the pax dishes out verbal abuse to Mall Cop as well as punishment.  More on this in the moleskin.

3 sets of 10 jump-ups / 10 decline merkins / 10 LBC’s.


Run back to start.



Another great day at The Rock as we have a strong pax of guys ranging from young 2.0s up to our war daddy  Iron Horse.  Welcome to our FNG’s IPTAY, Howard’s Rock, Sawyer, and Huck Finn.  One would have thought that Tiger Rag posted with two Clemson names, however TR posted earlier at Stonehenge.  IPTAY put forth a massive effort on his first posting and we look forward to having you back out for many more downPAINments in the gloom.

YHC thought I had firmly and securely planted the shovel flag when we first arrived on campus.  However mother nature decided the wind was going to constantly blow and uprooted Old Glory during the middle of our workout.  As we ran past one of our pax noticed and started yelling at YHC to drop and give them 50 merkins for punishment.  However as we were running past the parking lot Skywalker noticed the railroad ties and thought it would be better punishment for YHC to throw one over my shoulders and run the rest of the way to the picnic tables and benches with it.  Then the heckling commenced and YHC heard pax yelling to find some stones to throw at him before he’s crucified.  Ah the love we feel and dish out to eachother!  YHC thinks I would have preferred the 50 merkins.

Everyone loves it when Jack Webb shows up, but Jack Webb 2 times within 30 minutes during a workout is unsavory Donkey Kong.  There was also much grumbling as DK ordered out a 20 parking spot suicide that seemed to take forever to run.  I think BS stands for “Great Stuff” as this really got the O2 deprivation going!

Announcements:  Let’s keep Cotton Mouth’s M and family in our prayers as she will be having surgery and recovering out in Dallas over the next several weeks.  Also keep Coal Miner’s Daughter and his family in our prayers as well.

New Thursday Area 51 workout Hydra launching 5/9/13 at OP Elementary on Rea Rd just down from the Colony Place shopping center, launch is 5:30.  Park on the left side of school towards the back of the track.  2 heads of the multi-headed beast will be Qing the workout this week: 49er and Donkey Kong!  Come and get some if you dare!

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11 years ago

Barqs said DK’s lead was tough again and that MallCop did a good job, too. Sorry I missed but T-claps to Bananas for picking up my 2.0 and bringing him to The Rock. Brotherhood at its finest.

11 years ago

Just a bit outside–you have only one Clemson name (IPTAY). Howard’s erstwhile doorstop is a rock, not a stone.

Cheese Curd
11 years ago

Several dbl downers on Sat…you know who you are! Strong boys! Baracus first post at SH and 1st dd!

11 years ago

Great workout MC and DK! Way to push us.
OK, in my efforts to get all the SlackA** pax to man up, here is the link to the survey. Please take the 4-5 minutes necessary to give us your feedback. It will be of benefit to everyone in the Nation. Aye!

Reply to  Skywalker
11 years ago

Making mountains out of mashed potatoes. #obsessed #loonybin

Reply to  Tiger-Rag
11 years ago

Just following the orders of the board….

11 years ago

Barqs dragged us out there for the Rock. Mini clowns in the clown car makes for a loud trip.

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