Sea World

Sea World

20 men / young men gathered in the swamp lands of Area 51 for a beat down at The Matrix. 

The Thang

Warm up jog

COP – SSH/Squats/Merkins/Imperial Walkers/Merkins


 Partner Up:

-Partner #1 = In Outs 

-Partner # 2 = Sprint down, lunge walks back

Flip and Repeat

 -Partner #1 = In Outs

– Partner #2 – Sprint down, bear crawl back

Flip and repeat

Mac Tar Jai [sp?]

Russian Twists



 Cycle through twice:

Dips X 30

Carolina Dry Docks X 30

Broad Jump in parking lot 

3 Cycles at the Playground

-15 decline merkins

-30 squats

-10 pull ups

Mosey to parking lot

Partner up

400 Meter run combined with 100 merkins

400 Meter run combined with 75 squats


-Wet and wild this morning for sure.  Strong work by Mic Check on his first Q today.

-Today could have been a first for F3 Nation.  A young man [14 or 15 years old] was brought to the workout by his mother, and she waited in the car for him.  That my friends is dedication.  #NextGeneration.   


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10 years ago

Mrs. Peekup (the Russian chauffeur) brought out X Games, Infield, and Manners. Even with the old boys (TR, Snowflake, and Callaway) the average age must have been around 25 today! Manners may have to be renamed Cornflakes after spilling them on the cement in a less than mannerly manner. Nice lead there Mic Check – no one drowned so you did your job…

10 years ago

T-claps to my partner Manners for giving full effort as evidenced by losing his corn flakes (aka spilling merlot were he of age) Aye!

10 years ago

Joker’s Little Baby Moleskin won’t do. Other observations:

–Mic Check was awfully bossy for a first time Q and was having no part of the Q-Fluster attempts by the pax. I especially like the way he was calling out the form slackers for their lack of integrity. I don’t know how they live with themselves, Mic Check, I really don’t. Gutsy move taking the pax into the rice paddy. Lesser men would have opted for the covered shelter.

–Speaking of lesser men, not many Leathernecks posting this morning. Still “carb-unloading” those croissants from the bus, I suppose. #dyspepsia. #IBS

–Infield pushing it hard on the sprints there at the end. Staple Bite, too. T-Claps.

10 years ago

When Mic-Check led us down to the fields, I was silenting cussing him as my shoes and feet got completely soaked. Then after a couple of minutes, I was so drenched that I said Whatever..
Way to push us Mic Check and you did a great job on your first Q.

BTW, there’s another young Pax who comes out to Stonehenge and The Rock whose dad drives then picks him up. Cant remember his name, but he had the good fortune of having to partner carry one day. Poor kid was gassed after that. He probably weighs 150 lbs soaking wet.

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