The Matrix

Don’t call it a comeback

ByOrange Whip Nov 10, 2020

One of the foundational A51 F3 locations, The Matrix on Mondays, has been creeping back up in the ratings as many F3 vets have rallied behind the

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Crushed Biscuit and Coffee Dreams

ByLorax Oct 19, 2020

YHC rolled up early McKee to get a lay of the land.  I had only posted once at the Matrix and had been a few months.  I parked my car where the

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Matrix Monday or Man, it’s cold

ByHoover Sep 22, 2020

Pax:  Homer, Hoover (Q), Smokey (or is it Smoky) 3 men showed up for Monday's edition of the Matrix.  YHC has volunteered to Q for Christmas

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Old guys rule!

ByAlf Aug 24, 2020

7 men gathered (O'Tannebaum, Cage, Quill, Smokey, Lex Luthor, McGee, & Alf) at The Matrix this morning to get a little work done.  5:30 hit,

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The Red Pill

ByMcGee Mar 9, 2020

AYE. 8, err, 9? 7 maybe. There were some counting problems (most likely due to O2 deprivation), so let's just go with 7 and start again from the

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We are doing March Madness anyway… right?!?!

ByGypsy Mar 2, 2020

3rd F: Thank you Madison for taking us out 2nd F: March Madness is moving forward:  Contact YHC or see Slack for more details on how to get

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Triangle and a Rooster

ByCheese Curd Feb 24, 2020

Not sure what happened, but I fought off all my alarms today until I looked over at the clock and completely panicked.  Little after 5 to do my

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Matrix Today!

ByPoptart Dec 30, 2019

68 degrees, light wind out of the south--felt like summer!   Warm Up with SSH, IW, MC, Merkins (each set followed by 5 pullups on Monk

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The late Matrix BB

ByAlf Oct 29, 2019

5 dudes (only one site Q) posted for The Matrix.  Mid 50's and clear skies.  No excuses to not be posting on a day like that.  This BB is

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As smooth as…

ByDuctwork Oct 14, 2019

Even though most folks were recognizing a work break for Columbus Day, 8 men showed up and got better at The Matrix.YHC had not been to this

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