• When:4/18/13
  • QIC: 49er, Stone Cold
  • The PAX: Bratwurst, Sprague, Bugeater, Donkey Kong, Joker, Skywalker, Ivan Johnson (FNG), Stone Cold, 49er


9 pax posted this morning for a Pre-Mud Run Devil’s Turn workout. 

The Thang:

Run .25 miles to the 1 mile loop trail and complete your own pain station at the top of the big hill on each lap; one rep for every degree in temperature which today was 64.  The 0515 group completes 5 loops and the 0530 group completes 3 loops. 49er, Joker, Bratwurst, Sprague, Bugeater, and Donkey Kong posted at 0515. Stone Cold, Skywalker, and 2nd week FNG Ivan Johnson (reason for no nickname given will be covered in the moleskin) posted for the 0530 group.


-The long big hill at the half way point of the loop started to feel like the pain station after the 2nd lap.  That thing is a killer!  Long with a challenging incline.

-There was a little bit of pre Mud Run trash talk amongst 2 of the F3 teams at HDHH last night.  A challenge was issued and half of Team Cold Ones (YHC and Joker) and Team Sludgehammers (Bugeater and DK) accepted and posted at 0515.  YHC will remain modest. 

-There was a bit of excitement at the finished.  After waiting longer than usual for Bugeater and DK to appear at the finish line it was finally realized that DK’s car was actually gone but Bugeater’s car was still in the parking lot.  Finally a search party (Joker and Stone Cold) was sent out and found Bugeater running his 7th lap around the loop.  Strong brother!  DK apparently had enough and went home early. 

-A verbal acknowledgement of the communication and partner rule will be required before each workout going forward.

-Due to the confusion at the finish there was no COT and Ivan will have to wait until he post at The Rock this Saturday to get his official F3 name.  Thanks Ivan sticking around and waiting for the MIAs!

-The Mud Run is just 9 days away and based on the size of many of the recent F3 workouts and chatter… F3 teams look to put in a strong showing.  Good luck F3ellas!


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10 years ago

FNG Ivan Johnson was dubbed “Swiss Miss” over email between me and The Shore last week. Don’t let him try to weasel out of it. 😉

High Tide
10 years ago

As his co-worker who gave him the EH to join F3, I whole-heartedly agree with the naming! 😉 Welcome, Swiss Miss! See you at the Rock on Sat!

10 years ago

I think the 5:15 start had me delirious. To make this more of a story and tell it from my vantage point lets start the story by saying I am from flat and wide open Nebraska. Can see for miles. Our cross country coach would drop us off outside of town, point to a large landmark many miles away an say run to that. Meet you there. Fast forward to today. Dropped in the middle of trees in the dark. Once separated from the pack, felt like I stepped into the twilight zone. Heard or saw no one the entire time. For all I know I was running circles in someone’s back yard. At lap 4, I started to pay attention to exits from loop. At lap 5, I started to wonder which path was my exit and I best be headed back, must find exit. At lap 6, I thought I had the exit but realized it was not the right one. I back tracked. Now that the sun is coming up I figure I might consider living off the land as there is no exit from this maze. Off in the distance I may have heard a faint call for “bugeater”. Thinking it was the wind howling in these scary trees that are blocking my way home, I shrug it off and determine that lap 7 is my lucky lap and will find that elusive exit. As I turned a corner here comes Stone cold with a look of major relief. “geez bugeater, where you been?” My external reply,” running this loop.” We run to joker and then through this hard-to-imagine invisible portal, and are returned back to civilization. Thanks to stone cold, joker, bratwurst, and the others who made calls and checked in. Heck I would probably be on lap 77 right now. Donkey Kong emailed later. Nature called and he had some business to take care of…

Stone Cold
10 years ago

I found him foraging for bugs to eat to survive with that deer in the headlights look (or that could have actually been the deer that I saw in my headlamp, huh). Anway, it was a relief to find our once lost brother, Bugeater. Bug, just remember that when you cross the finish line at the Mud Run, you can stop. No need to keep looping. Love ya, man.

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