Geology, Petrology, Double-Downology at The Rock

Geology, Petrology, Double-Downology at The Rock

The Shovel Flag was planted by Barqs, and 40 faithful, including 5 FNGs and 4 2.0’s posted for another weekly assault on The Rock.

The Thang:

Hops’ Q:

Jog to lot closest to North Face (NF).

Seal Jacks x 25

MCs x 25

Squats x 25

Jog to base of NF

1st Line runs up NF, 10 Merkins at top, Run or Tumble (see Moleskin) back down

2nd Line planks until 1st Line returns



Jog to field in front of The Rock

10 minutes of She-Hate-Me

10 Squats/10 Merkins/10 Flutterkicks – repeato for 10 minutes

YHC called an audible at the 8 1/2 minute mark.  Too much chatter for She-Hate-Me.  So 15 Burpees on your own

Run to circle drive in front of gym for 4ish MoM

Dolly x 13

Freddie Mercury x 13

CCVs x 13 R, Flapjack CCVs x 13 L

Runstopper’s Q:

Jog to far end of soccer fields

Jack Webbs – up to 10ish, but Runstopper mixed it up with a 15 merkin/50 arm-raise set among some other random combinations including slow merkins and thrash-count merkins

Spider Man crawl 1/2 length of soccer field, Lunge walk for the other 1/2

Partner carry run length of soccer field


Jog to pavilion/concession stand

Partner up for the following combos:

20 Step-ups each leg while partner does merkins


BTWs while partner does 20 wall-MCs


20 dips while partner does LBCs


Jog to parking lot for sprint relays – 2 teams; Burpees throughout the relay – painful.



Great turnout today by the faithful – the 40 count set a non-convergence record at The Rock!  T-claps to all you guys.  5 FNGs, 4 2.0s, and 8 Doubledowners – T-claps again fellas!  Stonehenge + The Rock = Petrological DoubleDown.

Much chatter among the pax on a beautiful spring morn; however, YHC heard a lot of mumblechatter regarding the cold, wet turf, thus, the audible to Burpees during She Hate Me.  Kudos to FNG The Tumbler for brushing himself off after a head-over-heels tumble down NorthFace; hence, the nickname.  Great sport though vowed to return Monday morning for Base Camp – Aye!

Strong lead from my co-Q Runstopper who continued to bring the pain even after 90 minutes of workouts as he DoubledDown.  Good humor during Jack Webbs with the slow merkins then thrash count merkins, fuzzy math, etc. –> produced much chatter; but painful stuff regardless.  The burpees during the relay were especially unsavory as well.

5 FNGs – The Tumbler, Checkpoint, Schrute, Yeti and Upstate – strong work and look forward to having you guys out again soon.  And T-claps to Mic Check who was an FNG yesterday at Centurion and posted at The Rock today.

Thanks to Skywalker for the prayer to close out COP; and a big crowd at coffeteria. #2ndF

Proud to be a part of the pax and bring my 2.0 along for F3 with a solid group of men.

The Matrix and Base Camp – see you guys Monday morning in the 5:30am gloom of Area 51!


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Strange Brew
11 years ago

Fantastic energy Hops and Runstopper! Great mumblechatter (positive) from the Q’s and Pax alike, keeps the Pax motivated (especially Runstopper during Jack’s 2.0 friendly appearance).

11 years ago

This DD thing is catching on. Can’t let you guys continue to show me up #motivation.

11 years ago

Jack Webbs up to 15/50 #ShoulderSmoker
Great job, Hops and Runstopper!

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