Kevlar Tire Beat Down

  • When:03/22/13
  • QIC: Bulldog
  • The PAX: Ice T, Bulldog (Q), Matlock, Five Hole (Kevlar FNG), Strikeout (LIFO), Busch, Geraldo, Bananas, Good Hands, Wolf Man, Far Side, Donkey Kong, Run Stopper, Harley (Kevlar FNG), Tiger Rag, Uncle Leo, Cheese Curd (WV), Lost Weekend, Fraggle, Spielberg, Turkey Leg, Cottontail, PETA (Kevlar FNG), Mr. Munch, Chuck E Cheese, Brown, Header, Spackler

Kevlar Tire Beat Down

28 of South Charlotte’s finest men rolled out today for a birthday inspired workout. Again with Matlock (War Daddy) pushing the right buttons the goal was to celebrate his birthday with a 52 burpee warm up. Little did we know that Donkey Kong and Runstopper had just celebrated milestones of their own.

The Thang

Mosey to lower lot and run ring around Matlocks car who arrived at 5:32 (30 mins early)
SSH x 25
IW x 25
10 birthday burpees
Jacobs Ladder x 7 burpees at top and squat jumps at bottom
Weaving Indian run to school
Push O Rama
Sprint up hill to field
Tire ladders – tire burpees, tire dips, tire squats, incline merkins, rock twists, shuttles.
Round two – tire arm lifts, dry docks, tire lunges, inside grip merkins, rock Louganis, shuttles.
Suicides x 2 (second round with merkins)
10 birthday burpees


Tough workout today with added 52 birthday burpees for the War Daddy Matlock which was inspired from earlier post this week. Matlock was finally not last one arriving with Strikeout flying in late looking disheveled.Made the most of the time today getting right into it. Nice to see Harley and Five Hole at Kevlar for first time. PETA and Fraggle also posting for a second F3 workout of the week after posting at Matrix and Skunk Works respectively with strong showings and no 44lb kettle bell needed.
Far Side destroyed the hills for Jacobs Ladder. Ice T showing nimble feet for weaving Indian Run avoiding big Centurion style spills.
Push o Rama was a little tickler for the real pain of the tire ladder. Chatter got very quiet as the lads pushed hard though the pain of multiple exercises and sprints. Geraldo then left everyone for dead in final shuttle runs but “blew his wad” according to RunStopper on first round coming in with first place and then last on the repeato.

Good work by all today. Thanks for coming out to Kevlar and finishing week off strong.


Best of luck to all Spartan Sprint runners for Sunday.
Saturday workouts on as scheduled.

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11 years ago

I’ve got to get a new watch… I shoulda asked for a new watch! And I asked for something as fleeting as a burpee. (Pounding head on desk.)

Great workout and a great time —- Imperial Wall-ka (just how do you say that?)

11 years ago

Great workout Bulldog. Even better picture above. Just leaving a mid morning stop for second round of breakfast between calls. #F3problems

11 years ago

thanks for the shout-out Bulldog….even with my planned fartsacking from Kevlar…I still get a mention
see you guys at the pub for March Madness?
Not really. See you at The Rock tomorrow though. Aye!

Cheese Curd
11 years ago

Its great when the Q pokes fun of his own accent! I love the Imperial Waa-ker call, like new favorite song, that stays with me for days! I also enjoyed the run around Mattocks car, too funny!

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