Donkey Kong + Matlock = Plantain-flavored birthday cake……what?

  • When:03/19/2013
  • QIC: Hops
  • The PAX: Dickies, Yankee, Bananas, Mr. Munch, Chuck E. Cheese, Stone Cold, Tiger Rag, Monkey Joe, PETA (FNG J.D. Furr), Plantain (FNG & WD Titus Sandy), Radar, Brown, Good Hands, Geraldo, Ice T, Crab Cake, Donkey Kong, Bugeater, Matlock, Header, Bulldog, Young Love, Baracus, Hops

Donkey Kong + Matlock = Plantain-flavored birthday cake……what?

The shovel flag was easily planted in the soaked turf and 24 gloom-defying warriors attacked another edition of SkunkWorks.

The Thang:

Run around track and then over to school lawn for COP


Seal Jacks x 20

IWx x 20

Merkins (correct form!) x 13

Partner up

One partner carries both kettlebells while other partner does a 5-merkin chaser

Rinse & Repeat until arrival at church lawn

Partner 1 does KB exercise while other partner runs (no moseying whatsoever) around church


Plank – several variations when Partner 2 finishes run waiting on all the other pax

Rinse & Repeat with following Kettlebell exercises:

2-arm swing

Goblet squat

Upright row

Tricep extension

Split into 2 groups for stair work

Partner 1 runs up/down stairs 2x while partner 2 completes following:

Renegade Row L & R


Rinse & Repeat w/Burpees

Mosey to church lawn

Partner 1 bear crawl 1/2 way then sprint, backpedal back to starting line

Partner 2 – KB one-arm press R, then one-arm press L

Partner 1 lunge walk 1/2 way then sprint, sprint all the way back to starting line

Partner 2 – KB halo exercise 

KB Stack ’em – quick mosey back to school lawn

4 minutes & 37 seconds of Mary

Louganis x 8

Russian twist x 8

Dolly w/KB x 13

Freddy Mercury x 13

Merkin (correct form) x 13




2 birthdays being celebrated among the pax – Donkey Kong.  YHC is pretty sure he’s been 26 for 2 years; but at 27, still the War Baby nonetheless.  Matlock also celebrating a birthday and talked a bit of junk.  Huge mistake by YHC for not punishing the two birthday boys appropriately.  Will do better next time.

Not a ton of mumblechatter amongst the pax.  Not sure if that was due to O2 deprivation, but a lot of the pax were gasping…and that’s a good thing!

Namearama again produced another gem for the SCLT pax – Plantain, who hails from the 290 square mile Caribbean island of Dominica, was EH’d by (you guessed it) Bananas.  Solid work.  Bananas.  Plantain.  He had no choice but to headlock him.  PETA is a solid moniker for Mr. Furr as well.  Look forward to having you guys with us again soon…perhaps tomorrow at DV?!!  There’s plenty of room in Bananas’ clown car for another.

Hope YHC’s first Q at Skunk Works did not disappoint.  Strong work by all the pax.  Aye!

Prayers for TR’s daughter who fractured her ankle, healing for Ray Charles’ knee  – meniscus surgery on Monday & Coal Miner’s Daughter’s father who is gravely ill.


Workouts as normal this week – DV tomorrow at 5:30 at SCLT Middle, Devil’s Turn Thursday at Greenway off Sardis – 5:15 and 5:30; Kevlar (Covenant Day HS) and Centurion (Charlotte Catholic HS) at 5:30 Friday.

HDHH at Vintner’s Wine Market – 6:00pm Wednesday.Plantain




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10 years ago

Nice beatdown today Hops. The final merkins were terrible. Brown’s “Leon Sandcastle” shout out during the backpedal sprint was on time too.

10 years ago

Happy Birthday, DK!!

10 years ago

I had a good time, Hops. Thanks.

Since it was my 51st birthday I would have thought that the obvious b-day gift would have been ———>>>>>>

52 Burpees! For Bulldog.

A missed opportunity, I must say.

Young Love
10 years ago

I guess we know what we will be doing at Kevlar. Thanks, Matlock. Happy Birthday. #Hate

10 years ago


#Hate is ^^^So Un-2nd-F!

Young Love
10 years ago

#Hate is for burpees. #respect is for the birthday.

10 years ago

Awe, shucks!

10 years ago

Matlock if you come to Kevlar on Friday we will do 52 burpees for your birthday as a warm up!

Happy birthday pal and we are lifting up your daughter.

10 years ago


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