1 fartsacker away from 50!!

  • When:03/13/13
  • QIC: Salt Lick, Stagecoach
  • The PAX: Runstopper, Schnitzel, The Shore, Blue Cheese, Good Hands, Dolphin, Speilberg, 5 Pole, Dirty Bird, Stone Cold, Abacus, Dean’s List, Far Side, 49er, Radar, Pinstripes, Psycho T, Skywalker, Brown, Baracus, Boutique, Coal Miner’s Daughter, Double D’s, Crab Cake, Sprague, Uncle Leo, Countertop, Thin Crust, Spackler, Bratwurst, Lost Weekend, Harley, Abba, Donkey Kong, Mall Cop, Strikeout, Bulldog, Wolfman, Bananas, Deep Dish, Young Love, Bugeater, Haggis, Ice Tea, Frostbite, Hops, Stagecoach, Salt Lick, Fireman Ed

1 fartsacker away from 50!!

A new PAX record was set at Death Valley as 49 PAX got after it this morning.  Salt Lick and Stagecoach were happy to deliver the morning beat down.         


  • Jog to football field
  • SSH x 30
  • Merkins x 20
  • Imperial Walker x 30
  • Burpees x 10

Split into two groups: group 1 – Salt Lick is your Q to start, group 2 – Stagecoach is your Q.  Flapjacks half way thru.

Salt Lick’s QIC:

Hit the trail over to Davie Park for a mini-Murph (Runstopper helped make sure that the group didn’t miss the bridge this week):

  • 50 pull-ups
  • 100 pushups
  • 150 squats

Extra credit:

  • First group: Slow jog around parking lot until all PAX finish
  • Second group:
    • People’s chair x 2
    • BTW x 2
    • Inverted pushups


“Ring of Fire”

PAX forms 2 circles (about a dozen men in each) and gets a number assigned. When your number is called, sprint around your circle and return to your spot, then lead PAX in your number for assigned exercise. Repeat until all members of the PAX have gone through.  Follow the sets below.

  • Set 1 – Bear Crawl with Merkins  #shoulderburner
  • Set 2 – Lunge Walk with Squats  #legsonfire

Example: PAX does Bear Crawl in a circle until #1 is called, #1 runs around circle, returns to spot and leads PAX in 1 Merkin, PAX continues Bear Crawl until another number is called.

Extra credit:

  • First group: Lap around the track with 5 burpees in the corners.
  • Second group:
    • Mary (Dolly, LBC, Flutter, Donkey Kicks)
    • People’s chair x 60 sec.
    • Wall plank and wall mountain climbers

Entire group came back together for COT


  • This morning felt like a mini-convergence with that many guys. 
  • In the spirit of full disclosure, SC stole the ring of fire idea from a recent North Country back blast.  #workoutplagiarism
  • Very little chatter during the mini-murph.  Even the normally load and chatty (you know who you are) were silent.
  • Trail was muddy, slippery and wet.  #mudrunpractice
  • Props to Dean’s List in finishing first on the group 2 mini murph – it was only his 2nd day with F3 – his debut was a wet and nasty workout at Skunk Works yesterday


  • HDHH tonight – 6 pm at Vintner Wine Market at Arboretum
  • Devils Turn on Thursday – 5:15 for 6 miles, 5:30 for 4 miles
  • Kevlar workout on Friday – Covenant Day, 5:30
  • Centurion workout on Friday – Charlotte Catholic High School, 5:30
  • Saturday convergence – Stonehenge will join the Rock at Calvary Church at 7:00.  Area 51 is on normal schedule.


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10 years ago

Great workout today Stagecoach & Salt Lick. If Tiger Rag and/or Header hadnt fartsacked……..

10 years ago

Rumor has it Pretty Boy QB fart-sacked as well….thanks for nothin’!
Great workout guys – I fear the Ring of Fire will become a regular visitor to the SCLT region…

Stone Cold
10 years ago

Ring of Fire= good song, great exercise. Good job stealing that one from the North! Mini Murph will smoke ya. Great workout today, boys and nice job S CLT pax for the big numbers today.

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