Starfish & Cursed Clock = Pain & Suffering

  • When:03/09/13
  • QIC: Stagecoach, Hops
  • The PAX: Mall Cop, Runstopper, Ray Charles, Galloping Ghost (Kotters), Big League Chew, Byron, High Tide, Loki, Pretty Boy QB (Kotters), Yankee, Smash, Sickle (2.0 & Kotters), Ice Hole, Cheese Curd, Bulldog, Bugeater, Purple Haze, Donkey Kong, Rickshaw (2.0 & Kotters), Skywalker (fka Short Sale), Header, La-Z-Boy (FNG Brad Crotts), Furley, Matador, Sweetness (FNG Tom Schorr), Stagecoach, Hops

Starfish & Cursed Clock = Pain & Suffering

The shovel flag was firmly planted in the thawed turf, and 27 hearty fellows made the Saturday morning assault on The Rock.

The Thang:

Stagecoach QIC:

Grab the shovel flag and jog across parking lot, along Rea Rd and the pax made a flanking maneuver on North Face.

Stagecoach then his 2.0 Rickshaw hoisting Old Glory

COP utilizing North Face

Run/climb to top of NF and run/walk/slide to bottom of NF between each of following exercises:

Bottom of NF:

SSH x25

Mountain Climbers x 20 & Hold Plank

Donkey Kicks x 20

Top of NF:

IW x 25

Slow Squats x 15

Burpees x 10

Mosey to field

South Cackilacky RR – 2 teams

Rinse & Repeat  – Repeat was a race

Winning team = 10 burpees

Losing team = 5 burpees…..WHAT?

Partner up & stay with partner for Merkin Starfish:

20 Regular

20 Wide Arm

20 Diamonds

20 1-Legged (10R/10L)

20 Decline Merkins w/feet on planking partner

10 burpees to finish in center

Hops QIC:

15 Minutes of “Hands of Time” (apologies to Girardi as I probably bludgeoned this but R&D’d the idea from yesterday’s Armor Backblast).

5 Burpees at each 1/4 Hour

20 Rockhoppers at all other points on the cursed clock

5 Burpees at center of clock between each point on the cursed clock, 1/2 way through YHC audibled to 10 LBC’s #shamelessaudible

7 2/3 Minutes of Mary

Low Flutter x 13

Freddy Mercury x 13

CCV x 13R, flapjack, CCV x 13L (shout out to Longhorn – still a crowd pleaser)

Rosalita x 13



Butterflies x 13

Jog back to parking lot led by Sickle and then Skywalker hoisting Old Glory

Merkins x 10 to finish



Early mumblechattering when Stagecoach incorporated North Face in warmups/COP…painful!  Stagecoach also was led astray by YHC and led to the creative flanking maneuver to get to NF #needmorerecon  …but yet – was good training for Spartan and MudRun – Aye!  Purple Haze was flying up North Face – T-claps brother.

Great to have Skywalker and Ray Charles with us – get well soon….YHC claims Skywalker, despite the busted paw, could still do elbow planks!  Strong effort.  Courageous Post by both of you.  Skywalker must have been somewhat O2-deprived as he reverted to his former moniker of Short Sale during name-a-rama.  #WhoamI?

The merkin starfish was painful, nevertheless, Pretty Boy QB and Byron were out front setting the pace.  T-claps to that tandem!

Hands of Time produced more mumblechattering…and a necessary and unashamed audible to LBCs from Burpees in the middle was called by YHC at the midway point.

The cursed clock of Hands of Time was, however, somewhat appropriate as we spring ahead tonight.  Don’t forget…lest you’re late for 3rd F activities tomorrow and/or 1st F workouts on Monday.  Aye!

Great to have 2 FNGs with us.  Look forward to having La-Z-Boy and Sweetness with us again.  Good work fellas.

Had to give some grief to the Tarheel fans among the pax during protractor #mathchallenged?  But having done that, YHC is pulling hard for the Tarheels tonight with my co-Q Stagecoach (UNC alum).

Great 2nd F turnout at Coffeteria.

Have a good weekend men, and we’ll see you in the weekday gloom.




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Cheese Curd
11 years ago

I heard run stopper got lost earlier in the week. It was dark then, what’s your excuse? Good workout boys!

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