Chest Fest at Kevlar

  • When:02/15/13
  • QIC: Bulldog
  • The PAX: Toxic Assets, Ice T, Strikeout, Geraldo, Hops, Bananas, Cottontail, Stagecoach, Boots, Zip-A-Dee, Busch, Bulldog, Backcracker, Turkey Leg, Baracus, Ice Hole, Matlock, Good Hands, Abacus, Young Love, Cheesecurd

Chest Fest at Kevlar

21 fine men weathered the frosty morning out at Kevlar for a chest fest that may be felt the next few days.

The Thang

Mosey over to base of hill
SSH x 25
IW x 25
Squat x 20
Parker Peters x 25
MC’s x 15
Spider-Man merkin x 5
Pike push up x 5
Diamond push up x 5
Windshield wiper push up x 3

Base of hill and plank
10 merkins at base of hill sprint to top 10 merkins and sprint down and plank.
9 diamonds push ups ditto
8 manmakers ditto
7 Spider-Man push ups ditto
6 pike push ups ditto
5 military merkins ditto
4 wide arm merkins
3 windshield wiper push ups
2 clap push ups
1 merkin at top and bottom x 10 extra hills

Mosey to school for pain stations and split into 3 groups
1) 20 burpees
2) two footed jumps onto icy bench
3) decline push ups
Move on once one person has completed burpees.
1) 10 burpees with Turkish get ups
2) one legged step ups
3) tricep dips

Sprint to top of hill.

Grandmothers in pairs
Partner push up with high fives in between


The energy level is always up when Zip-A-Dee is there to brighten your morning fresh from a ski trip. Props to FNG’S Backcracker and Ice T for posting twice this week and hanging tough. Q went a little overboard in warm up when demonstrating chest exercises prior to the actual chest fest. Hops referenced Moon River a few times and ten pax were feeling the pain of the hills. Bananas enjoyed the pike push up as it reminded him of the prior days Valentines gift he gave his wife! The pain station burpee with a Turkish get up is now referred to as the Turpee (add that to the F3 lingo.)
Great job by all. A little disappointed that I was the only Go Rucker posting at Kevlar today…A couple of fashion faux pas today with Strikeout sporting a pair of Capri style tights under his shorts and Toxic wearing the yellow dish washing gloves for warmth.


Saturday schedules on as usual.
Please keep Cottontails 6 month old daughter Emily in your prayers as she fights pneumonia.
Keep the Go Ruckers in mind as you are tucked in your fartsacks Saturday night seeing the snow fall gently from the warmth of your bedrooms!

Have a great weekend and thanks for posting today.


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11 years ago

Beatdown delivered this morning by Bulldog. For the record I referred to the exercise as the Valentine’s Day Special. #unlucky

Cheese Curd
11 years ago

living up to your name BD. Very strong workout from begining to end. Demonstration was short and sweet, worked well. Enjoyed the beatdown, WV and all!

11 years ago

the chest fest was painful indeed. the intro to Granny at the end was downright cruel. T-claps to Bulldog for a workout worthy of waking for….and T-claps to Cheese Curd for sporting the 13 lb. WV….shouldn’t a WV be required at Kevlar?

Cheese Curd
11 years ago

Sorry, that was Weight Vest (that I thought about removing 🙂 How much time do you spend in WV? You seem to have an accent! Again, your pain session was the bee’s knees! (thanks Joker)

11 years ago

BullDAWWWWG!!!!!!! Great pain session this am and man, what a downpainment to return to after about a 2 week layoff… You certainly brought the bite to match your “YIP” with the ChestFEST.

T-Claps to BD formerly known as WANKER!

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