Running with Kettle Bell…read the disclaimer

  • When:02/12/13
  • QIC: Cheese Curd
  • The PAX: Stone Cold, Pat Sullyvan (FNG-Bake Beans), Radar, Run Stopper, Bush, Dickies, Sonny Gotro (FNG-Back Cracker), Geraldo, Tom Lawrence (Ice T), Bulldog, Good Hands, Hops, Harley, Baracus, Bernard, Young Love, Turkey leg, Yankee, Mall Cop, Crab Cake, Skinner, Monkey Joe, and Brew

Running with Kettle Bell…read the disclaimer

Running with kettlebell

24 Pax left their fartsacks to make a #downPAINment on the day at Skunk Works!

The Thang: Partner up (#1 & #2)


Warm up:

KB farmer run- #1- fast walk to second parking lot (Hill ) /# 2 -5 merkens, run to catch up- flap jack

Side straddle hop /30

KB Mtn Climbers /30

Arm Circles / 15 each arm


3 Hill and Stair Stations:

Partner wheelbarrow up the hill / at top-Gentlemen Handshake Planks x20

Partner wheelbarrow up the stairs/ at top-Gentlemen Handshake Planks x20

Backwards wheelbarrow up the hill / at top- Gentlemen Handshake Planks x20


KB farmer run- #1 fast walk to start of loop / #2 10 squats, run to catch up


KB and running– lock KB above head while you wait for group to finish

* I am calling it a  +/- 200 yrd run…couldn’t read the hash marks on the field

#1KB 2 hand swing /#2 run to last light pole and back

#1 KB Press / #2 run to last light pole and back

#1 KB Goblet Squats / #2 run to last light pole and back

#1 KB curls / #2 run to last light pole and back

#1 KB Triceps press (one arm or modify 2 arm) run to last light pole and back

#1 KB high pull / #2 run to last light pole and back

Rack’em and Stack’em -Mosey to the loop


6 mins of Mary

KB Greg Louganis x20

KB Roman/mason/Russian twist..if you would have let me go, I would have named it a few more times

 J Lo’s x20 per side

Boat / Canoe


Naked Moleskin:

-Thanks to the PAX for opportunity to lead today and for the patience.  Hopefully you could hear my instructions; I know the PAX got divided in the parking lot.  I only needed my winkie once as I just couldn’t think of the name of the next exercise.  Thanks Mall Cop for keeping me O2 deprived by racing me on every run…apparently someone thinks he’s Usain Bolt

-I saw every version of the backwards wheelbarrow today (thank Tiger Rag for this modification).  I really liked it, however a demo would have been helpful.  That said,  I was impressed by all the modifications. 

– Welcome the 3 FNG’s- hope to see you at more postings (sorry if I hacked your names)


Blue Ridge Relay-  Check it out on the Events section.  Mall Cop is recruiting please let him know if you’re interested.

Happy Hour- NEW location…look for the tweet.  I think it is going to be at Vinter Wine Market in the Arboretum 1800


Posted on behalf of Cheese Curd.

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11 years ago

Cheese Curd… way to step up brother. Looks like you led a strong workout.

Stone Cold
Reply to  Joker
11 years ago

Strong Indeed, Joker. We were smoked on the light pole sprints. You would have loved those. Interesting how the competitive alpha male’s brain reacts to another alpha dawg running next to him. #raceison! very similiar to the Rock on Sat. I, of course, was humbled by the speed demon we know as Runstopper. AYE!

11 years ago

Turkey Leg can fly! He was dusting me on the sprints. He claimed his 1/2 marathon training was the reason….#afterburners

Cheese Curd
11 years ago

It’s too funny, my intention was not to have 7 separate sprint races. Glad you enjoyed! I call rematch Joker v Mall Cop!

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