Matrix by way of Metro by way of Mayberry

  • When:02/11/13
  • QIC: Sprague
  • The PAX: Sprague, Young Love, Strange Brew, Turkey Leg, Stone Cold, Powder, Big League Chew, Coal Miners Daughter, Strike Out, Dora, Boots (FNG), Mall Cop, Sir Purr, Salt Lick, Dolphin, Donkey Kong, Abacus, Bulldog, missing one

Matrix by way of Metro by way of Mayberry

Aye, the bell rang and 19 strong men answered the call in spite of, or perhaps because of, the morning’s rainy conditions.

The Thang:

Run to field for COP:
SSH x 50
Mountain Climbers x 30
Merkins x 20
Diamonds x 6 (QIC Smoker)
Wide Arms x 10
Squat x 30

Run to playground / parking lot for 20 minutes of AMRAPs consisting of:
Pullups x 5
Merkins x 10
Squat x 15
Run to cones and back
Rinse and repeat for 20 minutes

Run to rock pile, grab a pet rock, line up along sidewalk at edge of field for a set of 11’s:
Run to lightpost, Stagger Merkins on Pet Rock x 1, Run back to sidewalk, Squat w/ Pet Rock x 10
Repeat (Stagger x 2, Squat x 9, etc)

Return pet rocks

Run to parking lot for Mary:
Knee-up x 30
HSF x 30
Dolly x 30


*Today was YHC’s first QIC in the Southlands.  Still learning names and faces.  Missing one… post in comments to receive full credit.

*Arrival times are telling:  First to arrive this morning was Boots (FNG, EH’d by Dora, with noteworthy footwear).  Arrived in plenty of time, wondered where the PAX parks and what he was getting into.  2nd to arrive was YHC, Q’ing for the first time in the Southlands.  Rest of PAX came streaming in in JIT fashion.

*Diamonds — always have been, and likely always will be, a smoker for YHC. 

*Noteworthy performance by Dolphin — on the AMRAP session he was flying on the run segment.  And, yes that was with a ruck.  Form was questionable.  Dredd-esque chicken wing arms in full effect.

Strong work out there today, men.



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Cheese Curd
11 years ago

Strong post from the SCLT PAX! Better men than me this am. See you all tomorrow, for Skunk-Running with Kettle Bell

Mall Cop
11 years ago

Great lead Sprague! Awesome name for our FNG (Boots) who was EHed by Dora! Man I’ve watched too many of my 2.0s cartoons!

11 years ago

Aye. Great lead out there today Sprague. Very solid workout. Good to have u out there brother.

11 years ago

Looks like a good one Sprague. Hope to see you guys next week.

Young Love
11 years ago

Highlight of the morning was definitely the voice I heard behind me shouting “man up” and “move faster.” Glad Dolphin was only focused on “motivating” himself (which in turn got the rest of us moving even faster as well). Strong work, my friend.

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