Ruck Run

  • When:02/07/13
  • QIC: The Shore
  • The PAX: The Shore, 49er, Punky Brewster, Dolphin, Strange Brew, RunStopper, Bugeater, Dora, Donkey Kong, Bulldog, Simba, Rapunzel

Ruck Run

12 men showed up to explore the woods of the McAlpine Greenway and do some cardiovascular exercise.

The Thang:

Indian Run in formation with Flag, Team Weight up front. About a half mile.

Packs off. Indian Run – packs were passed back, when last man had 2 packs (one for each hand) he sprinted to the front. Flag up front, Team Weight passed back with all the packs. About a half mile.

Packs-on scramble. 10 seconds to get any pack on. I think only Strange Brew ended up with his own pack.

Indian Run. The line did lunges, the runner did the Karyoke. Quarter mile?

Team option: Creek or Rock pile. Everyone but Dolphin chose the Rock Pile.

Pick up rocks. One coupon per man.

Run (about a mile of this). Alternated between rocks overhead and Rocks held out in front of you – on top of man’s pack in front of you (tight formation required).

Coupon drop. Team penalty – no straps. 2 hands – one for pack, one for rock.

Ditch rocks, wear packs. Team sprint to the finish line – sub 4 minute goal for probably 3/8 of a mile. We did it in roughly 2+ minutes.


Triple claps to Simba and Rapunzel for showing today. They didn’t know what they were getting into, and even had to have the GoRuck Challenge explained to them, but still hung tough with the team. Great job! YHC overheard more than one guy at the end volunteering their pack if either wanted to try one out on their own back.

Dolphin likes to be wet, but alas we skipped the creeky tunnel this morning. Truth-be-told, even if we went in the water, we were still going to be picking up those rocks.

There is so much fun to be had out there in the woods. We didn’t even make it up the big hill this morning. I’ve got lots left over for next week.

Next week we will have one more GoRuck style workout at the Devil’s Turn, then turn our attention to training for the Spartan and Mud Run Races. #speedwork

Remember, GoRuck brothers, No Morrow Mountain excursion this weekend. Look for a Ruck-friendly workout in your own neighborhood.

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11 years ago

Remember the quote “no man should suck from another mans nozzle.”

In reference to switching packs and someone asking if they could “borrow” some water from a pack that was not theirs. I’m good for keeping this a team rule.

Nice lead Shore!

11 years ago

I thought the quote was “no man should suck from another man’s bladder.” EITHER way, good advice, and Team Rule.

Somebody must have peed in The Shore’s detox-approved, poultry-limited breakfast this morning…he really brought The Suck. That whole rock-in-one-arm-ruck-in-the-other thing he had going on was misery on wheels. I’d swear he was grinning the whole time.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, 0530 is 0530 whether your ruck is squared away or not. Strange Brew almost BECAME The Shore’s breakfast.

11 years ago

Aye! Very solid workout Shore. Great leadership on your part for organizing all the GORUCK training at Devil’s Turn the last couple months. We will all benefit from your previous knowledge with the Challenge.

I WAS anxious to hit the water since I missed the last couple of weeks.

Strange Brew
11 years ago

DOH! My ruck will undergo a thorough gear check before Sat! Shore, awesome training, great leadership and ongoing positive encouragement.

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