Superbowl Monday

  • When:02/04/13
  • QIC: Joker and Smash
  • The PAX: Sir Purr, Strikeout, Powder, Bulldog, Young Love, O'Tannenbaum, Cheese Curd, Turkey Leg, Countertop, Cottontail, Tiger Rag, Crab Cake, Coal Miner's Daughter, Big League Chew, Salt Lick

Superbowl Monday

17 men gathered this morning to work-off Sunday evening’s chicken wings, pizza, nachos and beer.

The Thang – Joker on Q

– Warm up lap

-Squats X40

-IW X40

-SSH X40

-Pull ups X10; dips X20… rinse repeat for three sets

-Starfish run, with 20 merkins, 20 CDD, 20 squats, 20 LBCs, and 10 burpees, respectively

-20 merkins; followed by 20 merkins; followed by 10 merkins

-Partner carry 40 yards; flapjack

The Thang – Smash on Q

-Run 40 yards; merkins

-Run 40 yards; mountain climbers

-Run 40 yards; jumping lunge

-Run 40 yards; LBC

-People’s Chair

-Wall merkins

-Mountain climbers

-Peter Parker

-Merkin with right foot near right hand; switch

-Parking lot sprint to finish



-Triple claps for Smash… taking the Q for the first time.

-Apparently Cottontail wasn’t sufficiently smoked after today’s workout, as I noticed him banging out a few extra reps post-COT.  This must be how he is training for his first Q experience this coming Saturday.

-Young Love and Coal Miner’s Daughter… impressive work guys… you’ve become regulars for sure. 

-Turkey Leg has taken the “suzy chapstick” moniker from YHC… as I’ve taken enough abuse from Tiger Rag on my headband that I’ve retired it [at least for now]. 

-YHC had a strange feeling today when I felt like I had forgotten how to count the right way.. kind of like the way that golfers sometimes mysteriously lose their swings.

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11 years ago

Nice one, F3llas. Sorry to miss Smash’s inaugural Q, but I needed a spot of recovery from the weekend. #woundlicker #fartsacker

Stone Cold
Reply to  Dora
11 years ago

Ditto Dora!

Big League Chew
11 years ago

Great job Smash! I like those funky merkins we did….what fo you call those things? And of coarse Joker always delivers.

Big League Chew
11 years ago

Whats up with Cottontail….he was whining about merkins in the cop….then he goes and knocks out another round of ’em while the pax is going to work….

Counter Top
Counter Top
11 years ago

Outstanding #DownPainment this a.m. thanks to Joker and Smash leading the way.

Smash, excellent job on your inaugural Q!

You kept the ball rolling even after Joker stole the Starfish right off of your Weinke.

I think I heard him say something about great leaders need to be able to think on their feet. If it was a test, I’d say you passed with flying colors.

Hats off brother!

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