Hills, logs, rocks, rucks and fun

  • When:01/10/13
  • QIC: The Shore, 49er
  • The PAX: The Shore, 49er, Stone Cold, Far Side, Haggis, Big Bird, Tweety (FNG), Dora, Run Stopper, Strange Brew, Deep Dish, Abacus, Donkey Kong, Bugeater

Hills, logs, rocks, rucks and fun

14 pax entered the gloom. 14 returned.

The Thang:

7 pax showed for an early 1.5 miles at 5:15. The rest joined us for about 3.5 more at 5:30.

During our group run, 10 of us had rucks, and all of us shared coupons: the American Flag, a 25 lb Kettlebell, a good sized rock, and a good sized tree trunk.


We’re now up to 10 of the 11 pax from South Charlotte joining us this morning for our GoRuck training. Only Dolphin no-showed. I guess he was resting his abs in the fartsack.

Many fresh faces today including the 4 without rucks: Abacus, Deep Dish, and Big Bird and his newly name 2.0 – Tweety (Cross-country runner extraodinaire). Thanks for coming our guys. Strong work. Hope you enjoyed the coupons.

Not much chatter once you get to carrying that log. Fellowship through adversity is just as strong a bond as fellowship through conversation though.

Bugeater looked like a kid at Christmas with his rucksack looking like it was just out of the box.

When I was carrying the log with Haggis, he positioned himself near the center of the log at first. The thing was nearly teetering on his shoulders, leaving practically no weight for YHC. Haggis was happy to move forward though and share the burden.

Headcounts need work. With 2 lines it becomes more complicated and I don’t think we ever really got good at alternating the count from one side of the line to the other and up to the front. We’ll keep working at it though. Don’t want to leave any man behind!

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11 years ago

Debated between Uhh…A.S.S. and Devil’s Turn this AM and settled on DT. However, my 9 year old waking me up at 1:30 and again at 2:45 resulted in a fartsack. I have to admit, it felt really good. No excuses just facts. Sorry I missed it. Perhaps at DT double for Dolphin is in order for next week.

11 years ago

perhaps a “Kotters” in order for Deep Dish?
Hope to see you at The Rock Saturday my friend!

11 years ago

Enjoyed the run this morning. Will be back out.

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