Painpourri (featuring the one and only Ray Charles)

  • When:12/11/12
  • QIC: Stone Cold (co-Ray Charles)
  • The PAX: Baracus, Baby Boomer, Cheese Curd, Ice Hole, Runstopper, Hops, HARLEY, Wanker, Lemon (FNG), Dora, Mall Cop, Monkey Joe, The Shore, Ray Charles, Dolphin, Camacho, Bugeater, Countertop, Stage coach, Tiger Rag, (Missing one-be recognized-I apologize)

Painpourri (featuring the one and only Ray Charles)

Shovel flag was planted firmly in the ground and 22 pax stand ready to accept the daily pain challenge with kettle bells in hand.

The Thang:

SSH x 40

Groiners x 10

Imperial Walker x 20

Merkin Jacks x 10

Stack the Bells (Rt then Lt) and we’re off..mosey to benches

On your knees for merkin/press ladder (1 merkin, 4 Arm raises, 2 merkins, 8 arm raises……10 merkins, 40 arm raises) Aye!

KB step ups x 10 each leg

Merkins x 10

Dips with KB in lap x 20

KB curls x 10 each arm

Rinse and Repeat

Stack ’em back to parking lot

Two Team hairburner Relay race (w/ mountain climbers)

Aussie Peal back (squats w/ bear crawl to end of line)

Lunge walk

Skunk Humper x 10  (Crowd favorite)

KB two hand swing x 20

5 Burpees

Ray Charles to the Stage:

KB Lunge x 10

Partner up- KB Burpees x 5, SSH while your partner finishes; Rinse Repeat

KB one hand swing x 10 (alternating rt-lt)

KB Figure 8 x 10

KB Around the World x 10

KB Tricep extension




-T-claps to Ray Charles for stepping up on the stage. “I’ve got a few new moves for us”….good ones too.

-Aussie Peal back and “Skunk Humpers” (note name change) were borrowed from our Northern brothers- read it in a backblast last week.  Thx!

-I’ll leave the comments on the humpers to the pax….submit and let’s have fun with it.

-YHC had to modify quickly with most of the pax not remembering to bring their dumb bells…No problem..Skunk Works is all about variety.

-HARLEY was there w/ Skunk Bell!

-Strong post by Boomer (War Daddy)…he was at Matrix yesterday and back for SW today.  RESPECT!

-Welcome FNG Lemon…go see him for your next BMW, Christmas Specials running now?  Wanker EHing the brother-in-law, nice work!

-Saturday, Dec. 15th Holiday party at Cantina 1511, 60 signed up so far!

-Tiger Q’s tomorrow at DV…ruck “unfriendly” warning.





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Cheese Curd
11 years ago

Starjacks or Skunk Humpers…sometimes its better we workout in the dark!

11 years ago

Well done Stone Cold and Ray Charles. I liked the variety. The merkin/shoulder press combo is like a “gift” that keeps on giving. Aye!

11 years ago

I’m already hurtin’ thinking about the pain to be added to the muscle fatigue at DV tomorrow.
Nice work by Stone Cold & Ray Charles….I think Ray Charles will his virgin solo QIC at SkunkWorks in the very near future.

11 years ago

Young Love is the missing Pax in the listing above.

Mall Cop
11 years ago

Chatter from pax that the Q should take us out on a date prior to the new Skunk Humper exercise next time! All kidding aside it was a great creative workout today Stone Cold and Ray Charles! There are no more excuses for Ray Charles now, I expect to see him as Q on a regular basis.

Thanks to Dora for going back out with me to run for an extra mile after the COT as it’s a new weekday workout tradition for our Leatherneck team. The South CLT team #Clydesdale on a mission to get nimble and quick before the Mud Run.

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