Sour Milk

  • When:12/03/12
  • QIC: Cheese Curd
  • The PAX: Dora, Cowboy, Dolphin, Salt Lick, Big League Chew, O'Tannenbaum, Skinner, Young Love, Hops, Cotton Tail, Donkey Kong, Stage Coach, Joker, Crab Cake, Countertop, McGee, Pretty Boy Q’Back, Short Sale

Sour Milk

19 men gathered in the gloom [lilteraly] for The Matrix.

The Thang

Run around field             

Side straddle hop             20x

Squat    20x

Imperial Walker                20x

Clark Griswold / twist squat jumps           20x

Merkin plank ups             15x

Mtn climber       20x

Jog to field – Interval               

1)            Bear Crawl         

                Carolina Dry Dock x10

                B-Bear Crawl     

                Wide merkin x10

                Sprint back/       

2)            Karaoke Right   

                Squats x20

                Karaoke Left     

                Squats x20

                Sprint back / LBC             

3)            Forward / Backward shuttle run               

Indian Run          3 lines  

1)            Traditional back to the front       

2)            5 merkin chaser               

3)            Zig zag to the front         

Run to Wall                                                        

1)            1 leg wall squats               15 per  

2)            Balls to wall push up       hold/ push up   

3)            Peoples chair                                    

Run to Bench on your own                                         

1)            Triceps Dips narrow        20x                        

2)            Decline merkins                15x                        

3)            Pull Ups                10                          

4)            Jump ups             20x                        

1)            Triceps Dips Wide            20x                        

2)            Diamond merkin              15x                        

3)            Pull Ups                10                          

4)            Jump ups             20x                        

Last man max count to fail                                          

                Planked roll ups                                               

Abs        LBC’s                      30                          

                Bicycles                20                          

                Super Man          1 min                    

                Dolly                      20                          

                Mason Twist      30                          

                Leg flutter           20


– Triple claps for Cheese Curd on his first Q experience. 

– Dora and Salt Lick with strong performances in the planked roll ups [“dive bombers”] to failure contest.

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Counter Top
Counter Top
11 years ago

Great job on QIC this morning Cheese Curd. Indian Run was particularly challenging. With three lines moving forward while weaving in and out of the PAX, it felt a little like a drunken Indian Run. Great for agility as well as speed. T-Claps.

Cheese Curd
11 years ago

Joker, thanks for posting!

I hope you enjoyed the workout, its clear that the regular Q’s make this look easy.

11 years ago

Good stuff Cheese Curd. Clark Griswold into a Superman would have been fantastic….that guy is Superman.

Big League Chew
Big League Chew
11 years ago

Great way to start the week. Good Q’ing Cheese Curd. Even though I lost the pax in the fog as you guys took off as I got out of my car. I was wandering around in the back off the school but thanks to another late comer we found our way to the pax doing side stradle hops in the foggy gloom.

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