Fields of Dreams

  • When:11/14/12
  • QIC: Uncle Leo
  • The PAX: Pinstripes, Stone Cold, The Shore, Donkey Kong, Header, Wanker, Haggis, Schnitzel (FNG), Cracker Packer, Dolphin, Hops, Monkey Joe, Far Side, Short Sale, Tiger Rag, Bug Eater, Camacho, Harley, Dora, Ben Franklin, Cheese Curd, Lost Weekend, Abacus, Brew, +1 missing name

Fields of Dreams

26 men ventured into the breezy gloom at Death Valley for a mid-week downPAINment

Jog to baseball field


SSH x 20

Merkin x10

I Walker x20

Merkin x10

Squat x20

Merkin x10

Sore Shoulders 10 small, 10 big, 10 small rev, 10 big rev


Jog to another baseball field


10 burpee – 20 merkin – 30 squats – sprint to other side (bicycle to wait)

10 burpee – 20 merkin – 30 squats – sprint to other side (merkin to wait)

10 burpee – 20 merkin – 30 squats – sprint to other side (plank to wait)


Jog to walk


Incline Plank walk up rail

Repeat incline plank walk


Lunge walk and jog to football field


Cross the field doing:

Bear Crawl / Rolling Merkin

Lunge / Reverse Lunge

Crab Walk / Rolling Merkin

Lunge / Reverse Lunge



LBC x20

Dolly x20

Rosalita x20

Mason Twist x20

Swimmer x20


Naked Moleskin:

1)  We’ve got 4 baseball fields and 1  football/soccer field at Death Valley and today we covered them all.

2)  Good work by all on the 3 rounds of 10-20-30.  Definitely gassed at the end of that third round.

3)  Hope everyone enjoyed the rolling merkins.  YHC can’t figure it out, but they bring a special kind of pain to the shoulders.


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11 years ago

!! Aye, yur gon to eat me chicken!!

Ben Franklin
Ben Franklin
11 years ago

FNG post to the Southside – had to represent the #ToP with Joker and MallCop out. Good stuff down at DV – nice job Uncle Leo.

Stone Cold
11 years ago

Nice job indeed, Uncle Leo…..Big welcome to Ben Franklin for joining.
Rolling merkins #dizzyness; new name for swimmer #tempertantrum re: the 2.0s. Cold downpainment this am. AYE!

11 years ago

Great Job Uncle Leo.
And good luck to all the PAX doing Thunder Road this weekend.
Let’s also remember to pray for Run Stopper and his family.

11 years ago

Aye – approach the throne of grace and mercy on Runstopper’s behalf.
Great to have 26 pax this morning with Schnitzel (FNG) and Ben Franklin venturing to the Southlands.
Also, how about Camacho toting the H2o throughout the fields of dreams….glad you found us this morning Camacho…next week you’ll now know how to find SkunkWorks

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